General Anaesthetic - woozy

I had a LLETZ under GA on Tues, felt fine after (bit buzzing/hyper after) and fine yesterday but today am woozy. So I feel like an invalid and am cross. Any idea how long this may last/what will help, hide under duvet perhaps? Bah!


Hi Mitch,

It's unusual to have a delayed reaction like that and it might be worth a phone-call to your GP. But meanwhile in your slippers I'd curl up on the couch and sleep though a good film ;-)

Be lucky :-)


I had LLETZ etc under GA last Tuesday and I didn't feel right again til the fri/sat. I was assured this is perfectly normal x

Completely normal! The liver processes drugs at different rates, and some people take a lot longer to get stuff out of their system. 

Thanks folks, I am better after a long sleep and a little moan :-)