General anaesthetic when unwell?

I am full of a cold and have a chest infection, can I still have a general anaesthetic? I don't have it until a week tomorrow but my chest infections always drag out!

I would very much doubt that any operation would be done under ga if you have a cold never mind a chest infection.  I would ring your go to get antibiotics asap and explain when your surgery is due.  

Thank you, just back from the Drs, he said I have infection all over my lungs & has given me amoxicillin and a high dose of steroids. He said I may be better by next Tuesday or may not. He think they may be cautionary and push it back. I have my pre op tomorrow so will see what they say. I just want it over and done with. Plus my mum has taken time off work to have my two girls Monday-wednesday!

Fingers crossed they give you the go ahead, because you've organised everything and I know the waiting must be awful.  However, if they do put it off it will be for your own safety Hun.  remember they want to give you the best possible care x

Thank you - I know :) 

bit paranoid as I've started having pain during sex and bleeding after this week which I've never had before, I've been fine since the last LLETZ and we resumed normal business a month ago now .

Had my pre-op today and she said to still turn up next Tuesday as planned and the anaesthesiologist & consultant will asses me and decide then. starting to feel better today already though x

Glad to hear that lemoncat.  I've got to say you made me laugh with your ... We resumed normal business statement!!!! lmao.  We all have funny ways talking about all this, we are funny sods lol I dare you say to your dr you want this business over and done with without laughing, ill wet myself laughing.  Let me know how you get on lmao. x