GCIN Abnormalities returning for the third time!


I've just received a letter from the hospital to say they've found abnormal cells..... Again! 

I had a colposcopy and lletz in April 2011 for high grade GCIN, and then again for the same in December 2012. Now it's back again and I feel like it's never going to go away.....

I have no idea if it is common with the GCIN to need a few times to clear it fully as there never seems to be much information about it anywhere! 

Can anyone tell me if they took a few attempts, or if the first attempt at removing it was sufficient?

Thanks xx

Hi Nicola

Not sure if this helps at all. I had my first LLETZ procedure for CIN2 when I was 23. A couple of years after that I started getting abormal smears again. After a borderline abnormal smear I went for a biopsy which showed CIN2. I then had a further LLETZ procedure aged 27 in which they actually removed CIN3. I am now on yearly smear tests, still keeping an eye on it and have had normal smears so far. So for me it has been two rounds of LLETZ. A very helpful doctor once told me that abnormalities only return in 5% of women so for 95% that first procedure is successful. Lucky us! She also told me that smoking is a factor in it returning and most of the 5% are smokers (although I've never smoked - guess I'm just extra unlucky!) and that they can do as many LLETZ procedures as needed


I also feel like it will never go away xx


I cant be much help, but I do really feel for you. My first follow up smear was abnormal again and its hard to feel its ever going to go away. Lucy, I dont smoke either and exercise/eat really healthily - so I guess we're just unlucky!

Good luck Nicola - let us know how you get on! 

Do either of you know many LLETZ you can have?

Cat xx 

Thanks for that... Good to know I'm not the only one that feels like its never going away! 

I don't smoke and eat healthy and run a few times a week, so I guess we are unlucky!

Im not sure how many lletz you can have, but I have heard that after 3 the Doctors start to discuss other options. I think it's the thought of the "other options" which are worrying me!


hi nicola.


i cant offer any advice but i wanted to let you no that i am in the same boat as you. i too have had treatment twice and im now waiting to find out the outcome of whats going to happen as i have yet again more abnormal cells. i have had adnormal cells since the age of 21, im now 27. no children and otherwise healthy, dont smoke etc.

there doesnt seem to be much advice out there about cgin or having multipul lletz.

i also feel like im going to have this forever :( x

It's a horrible feeling! Hope yours gets dealt with soon! x