Gardasil after treatment

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else here was prescribed Gardasil after treatment (chemorads)? I just went for my second shot (of 3). My dr said there are some current studies that show promise in reducing the chance of reoccurrence, but I haven’t heard of anyone else taking it. Figure it’s worth a shot! Curious to hear your thoughts and if anyone else has gone this route.

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Hi Elroo,

I’m going to do this as well :crossed_fingers:

I spoke to my doctor more about this, and they said that it’s not going to impact the cancer that I have, including reoccurrence chances, but instead, would help ensure no new cancers from the HPV.

Have you seen this? There’s a bunch of research that persistence of HPV infection after chemo radiation is a strongly negative prognostic factor for survival/ recurrence.

And there is strong evidence that administering HPV vaccine after removing early cell changes from pre cancer greatly reduces the amount of women who go in to later develop CC.

…so….it’s possible albeit not yet studied that the vaccine may help women treated curatively for CC to avoid recurrence

Just maybe…


This is so interesting. I’m in Australia and always ask at every check up about this and each time they tell me there is no point. I might push harder next time.
Would love to know what your doc told you.

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