GA Treatment cin3

Hiya Everyone

Quick question... I have been advised that it is more than likely i will go under GA for treatment after my Colposcopy. I have my appointment on Wednesday and was wondering whether they will have me in for GA the same day or is it more than likely i will have a seperate appointment?

Many Thanks


hiya i think it would be a seperate appt as you need to fast before having a GA, good luck, Louise xx 

Hi Sammie, i also had mine done under a generaly and i had an appointment beforehand, as Louise said you have to fast before a GA but they also have to do blood tests and go through your medical history and allergies with you.

Good luck! Hope all goes well, Vicki xx


Thanks ladies! Colposcopy tomorrow morning! Im so nervous!  Very stressful week starting a new job and Colposcopy = bad head lol.  Xxx

hope all goes well today 


Louise xx 

Hey, colposcopy, biopy and LLETZ done. Worst experience ever. Im in so much pain. It hurt really bad and to top it the doctor was a complete a**e. He didn't want to know anything about me and wouldn't let me ask questions. Im so upset about it all. Xxx

Oh Sammie,I'm sorry to hear that! I cant believe he didn't even let you ask questions! it is a stressful enough time without that, did he not speak to you at all? or at least try to put your mind at rest?....I hope you feel better soon! Rest up and try not to think about the results (easier said than done I know) xxx

No he  didn't say anything and I just sair well what have you done and he just pointed at a picture. The pain got  worse and genuinely thought I was in labour. Consultant ruhed me to the gp who rang the on call ggynecologistwho said the pain was due to my pre existing symptoms of an undiagnosed problem and not from lletz.  was given codeine which has taken the edge off but still in a lot of pain in lower abdo back and hips. Even my legs. That has literally traumatised me. Xxx