GA or local for LLETZ?

I’ve been offered general for my LLETZ procedure (i’m 24), as I was so anxious at my colposcopy.

Just wanting some advice on which would be better, I think I could maybe do it with gas and air which I had at the colposcopy, I just don’t know what to do for the best!

Hello I first attempted to have Lletz with local but I ended up having mine under GA.

They said that once they start they can’t stop, so if mid way through the local I had issues they’d have to continue. I already get anxious at smear and colposcopies as I usually have pain. Also i have a coil and they would need to take that out. So we discussed and agreed that GA would be best for me. And if I need to have it done again I’ll definitely have it under GA.

As to what’s best for you. What does your gut say?

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Thank you so much for replying!

I honestly don’t know, I concerned with general, the canulla in your hand (as i’m quite scared of needles) and I was also told by the nurses that if I have it under GA, the surgeons can be more rough with the cervix, resulting in worse outcomes for fertility in the future.

Just weighing it up, I’d rather not know what’s happened but I’m scared as never had GA before and for the reasons above!!

Hey! Just wanted to say there are a few threads about this that you may find useful. Also my personal experience with GA was for a laparoscopy so a bit different but just wanted to reassure you it’s fine, you “fall asleep” within seconds, there are no major side effects afterwards, you just feel tired and then you’re fine after a few hours of sleeping, besides pain/discomfort in the area. Also the advice from the nurses sounds unprofessional/scaremongering, perhaps ask for another opinion from a different nurse/doctor as the procedure should be performed in the same way

Hey, just thought id let you know my experience. I had a colposcopy and was told i needed a lletz procedure. I was recommended ga due to pain whilst having colposcopy. I was terrified of the idea of needles and general anaesthetic as i have never had ga before. Honest truth it was over and donecwith before i knew it. The canula was put in once in operating room but they numbed my hand before they did it and i felt hardly anything. The anaesthetist was brilliant and i was out within seconds. Next thing i knew i was in recovery woke up like a light switch sat up having a cup of tea and sandwich within half hour of coming round. I was under for half an hour so really didn’t feel that tired after. I took it easy for a few days and apart from some stomach ache for a while all went ok. Please dont worry about ga if thats what you decide. I’m appalled that a nurse told you they are rough. My consultant was amazing