GA Needed :(

Hi all,


I am new to this forum and am starting to get a little worried and was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to myself?

Basically, I had a smear and was told I have severe dyskaryosis and would need to go to have a colposcopy. My appointment was on Friday, I attended and was told that due to the amount and extremity of the cells, and that there was also some on my vaginal wall and not just my cervix, that the treatment could not be performed and that I would have to undergo treatment with a general anaesthetic.

The nurse was very vague when explaining this to me and I came away feeling distraught and well, just a little confused. I don't even know if she took a sample while they were there? I am now I'm just awaiting a letter to tell me when my pre op assessment will be and hopefully to tell me when my surgery will be as well.

I'm so confused and dont know if I should be worrying about this or is it qute common?

Can anyone help or has anyone had a similar experience please?

Hi GemGem

I think you'll find quite a few ladies have had treatment under GA when there has been a large or hard-to-reach area to treat. Without wishing to get too gross, I guess that their job is made rather easier if we're not wriggling about, because we've been knocked out first!!

I had mine under GA because it was so painful when they tried to do it under local. The GA is really nothing to worry about, you're only under for about 10 mins and when you wake up it's all over. I found the effects of the GA minimal, probably due to the short time involved. If I had to have any more treatment,  I would actually insist on it being under general myself.

It sounds like the nurse at your colposcopy didn't do a great job of telling you what is going on. But rest assured, it is far from uncommon to have the same as you have .

Hope that puts your mind at rest

x x

Hi chick, I had mine done under general (got scared tho and had the spinal block instead) it was due toucher box being so high and being a large area of cells, the operation wa quick and very easy and results came back as cin2 please don't worry, having it done under general is very common xx

Hi, mine was also under GA because my cervix was tilted too far back to get a good view. They have to pull you around quite a lot and the local anaesthetic they give may not be enough. Don't worry, you'll be in good hands xxx

Thank you all for your reassurance, I think it is just the case of the unknown and not knowing how severe things actually are.

Hopefully it will get sorted soon enough and the weight will be lifted

I chose a GA for a sort of bug LLETZ and it was great, I felt blissed out under the anaesthetic and came round all high. It took some time for me to recover physically - nothing major just the bleeding one would expect and a bit of soreness as the wound healed. I was nervous too of course.

it sounds to me as if you need to undersatnd fully why this is offered to you and what the benefits / downsides are. Do get in touch with the department and get a full explanation. I think they forget that some of us want to really understand options and treatment. I am certainly like that and through my treatment have learned a lot about insisting that I am fully informed, not always easy to ask questions at the time. You can probably google the team at your local unit. Write your questions down!

good luck!


Hi gemgem, just to reassure you the LLETZ under GA is totally not a big deal at all and actually you are quite lucky not to have it done under LA as you are asleep for all of it! I had exactly the same as you, had my colposcopy exactly 3 weeks ago today and was told it was a large area and touching vaginal walls so needed to have LLETZ under GA. I was given my operation date there & then at colposcopy.

Came in at 7.30am this morning, went to theatre at 8.45am and woke up at 9.45am, have been told I can go home at 11am so home in time for lunch! 

Results of biopsy will be posted within 4 weeks.

This procedure is routine and really no big deal at all so you have nothing to worry about! 

Hi Gemgem,

I am due to have LLETZ under GA too. I had LLETZ under local 8 months ago but have a very short cervix now, so I think they prefer to do it when you are immobile when it is a bit harder to reach! I am a bit worried about it, as never had a GA, but have faith they are doing the best thing for me. 

Big hugs xx

Thank you all for your messages and reassurance - it is good to know that there are people going through the same thing.

I am still yet to hear anything - I haven't even received a letter - so I am still worrying and am none the wiser :( (It's been nearly 2 weeks since I went to the hospital) I may have to ring my GP to see if they know anything

Hi GemGem

Maybe a call to the colposcopy unit would be a good idea? I know that in my case it was the consultant who did my colposcopy (and failed attempt at doing the LLETZ under LA) who referred me for the LLETZ under GA.

Assuminging it'll be the same in your case, they should know at the colposcopy unit whether your referral has happened yet, so at least you'll know whether it's them being slow in sending the letter or email, or the hospital taking a while over it.

Mine was quick, the LLETZ under GA was exactly one week after the attempt with LA, and I think the hospital admissions lady called me midweek to arrange it. It no doubt varies from place to place, but this makes me suspect that maybe colposcopy didnt refer you, or didnt do it very quickly.

all the best


OK so I now have some news :) Received a call from the hospital, I am going for my pre assessment on Thursday and my op next Friday so at least things are now progressing.


Just a quick question, did you have to have any time off work after the procedure or does it all depends on the severity?




I had mine done on a Friday too and didnt need any time off work. I was a bit sore and crampy over the weekend and had a slightly dizzy head from the GA, but nothing major. I was back to work the following Monday. I did find that physical work made me more tired for week or so - by that I mean stuff like gardening. I am a computer programmer so am sat at a desk all day, but if you had a very physical job you might need a bit more time off I guess.

Good luck for the op - and don't worry, it's really not that bad.



I didn't have any time off work, I had mine done in the morning and was home with my laptop on and was working by midday then in the gym by 6pm!

Good Luck with yours!