Future management discussed at multi-disciplinary meeting

This is my story;

I was refered to colopscopy after my smear results were serve changes. I had lletz treatment done there and she mentioned it was high grade and in a large area, and funny angle.

I got a letter back a week later saying:

The results of the tissue removed at that time have confirmed the presence of pre cancerous cells, only known as cin2 and cin3. In view of this we plan to discuss your future managment at our next mdt meeting....

I'm confused as she's didn't mention that the cells have been removed with clear margins. Does Precancerous mean its definitely not cancer? Or are they concerned they may have missed it as I think she mentioned its right at the edges of the tissue near the birth canal?

I don't know whether I need to prepare myself for cold knife treatment or repeat Loop. I want children so I worry about any intrusive surgery.

All of the ladies here are so strong and going through so much and here I a, worrying about silly things.

any similar stories or advice would be great no matter what. Thank you xxx