Further screening

Hello. I had my second clear MRI 3 weeks ago. So all good.

Meanwhile I had a smear test I apparently shouldn’t have gone for as apparently they will always came back dodgy now. That showed I’m still HPV positive.

My oncologist said I won’t get any more scans going forward. But also I’ve been removed from my GP’s cervical screening programme due to the reasons above.

So I was wondering - going forward how will I be monitored for cervical cancer?


I asked the oncologist this very question 2 months ago for my first review after receiving all clear in April.

Due to not getting smears anymore (cells have been nuked from Radio so they will always look abnormal) apparently from what I’ve been told by my oncologists is that going forward I will be reviewed every 3/4 months (by phone) to check everything is ok and how I’m feeling. It’s going to be all “symptom lead”. So if I notice any changes that isn’t “‘my normal” or the docs deem something not right and only then would they scan me to take a look at what’s going on inside.
I would assume this would be the same case for yourself - but I guess it all depends what part of the world you are in!

I hope this helps!

Hi, thanks for your reply and I think this is what will happen for me too.

I have had a few follow up phone calls. It’s a little worrying as I had zero symptoms the first time. It just got found on a routine smear and I won’t get those now. Will have to be extra vigilant :blush:

That was the exact same for me! I was super worried when they told me that I wasn’t to be smeared/scanned and the fact that everything is symptom lead… but I didn’t have symptoms before.
But my consultant eased my worry by telling me that with the type of cancer, the way it reacted to the treatment and the encouraging Mri scan… he doesn’t expect a reoccurrence!

Don’t get me wrong I’m still going to be vigilante and keep on top of looking out for signs but least it helps me move forward and start living my life again rather than the constant fear of not wanting to plan for my future!

I wish you all the best and fingers crossed the big C doesn’t rear it’s unwanted head again :raised_hands:t3::smiley: