Further Management Options (children mentioned)

Hi all, 

I have browsed this site for well over a year now and the information here has been invaluable to me. I have chosen to post today due to my most recent colposcopy appointment.i have been under observation at the clinic for some time now due to a number of abnormal smears and high risk HPV. At my last colposcopy appt I was told that my cervix is very small and due to the treatment I have had my cervix is now flush with my vaginal wall meaning further LLETZ may not be an option for me. I was also told that as my smears keep showing abnormalities that cannot be seen there is a chance that the abnormality is higher up in my cervical canal. I am currently awaiting MDT meetin to decide the next course of action. I don't have children and am hoping to have a family but each abnormal result seems to push me further away from starting a family. I have numerous questions but I suppose I am looking for anyone with a similar history to mine that has gone on to have children. Also whether anyone knows what the next course of action may be?

thanks in advance and to all the strong ladies out there a big thank you for your posts that have helped me through the last year!