Further diagnosis - worried about time its all taking?

Hi, I have posted before, I had a total abdominal hysterectomy and ovaries removed on 6th March due to stage 1b1 endo cancer in 2 places in uterus/womb, I was told whilst in hospital the operation went well and as planned, I felt a huge sigh of relief then was discharged on 10th March and am recovering at home, on Monday 17th March I had a call from my Consultant to say tests from the operation have come back to say that cervical cancer was also found and I would need radiotherapy, they will discuss me in their MDT Wednesday then contact me, I phoned this morning and they said they didnt get round to discussing me but will next Wednesday (26th March) and will then contact me to let me know what they decided, so at the moment I have no idea where I am, ie what stage I am at, if this has developed recently after being diagnosed with endo ca, why it didnt show up before etc, has anyone else experiened this? Also I feel a bit better every day although every morning I wake up with a terrible sore pain on my right side, same place every day, it takes an hour so for it to go but sometimes niggles in the day too, not sure if this is normal or whether I should see a doctor about it. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Best of health and luck to everyone on here Cath X

June 13 Abnormal smear test, July 13 Colposcopy (results in Sept unsure - then attendd ultrasound in September 13 cyst on left ovary found, Dec 13 further ultrasound and colposcopy again, 7 Jan 14 LLETZ treatment and biopsy, 4 Feb 14 diagnosed with endo ca stage 1a1, MRI 9th Feb conf diagnosis, 6th March 14 total abdo hysterectomy plus ovaries removed, 17th March call from Cons to say further ca found in cervix - currently waiting further appt/radiotherapy

Hello Cath.  Sometimes its hard to find someone with exactly the same diagnosis as yourself.   I believe that we are all unique even if we've been given the same stage as another lady.  What one of us may experience - the other one won't!  On the other hand, we may have a lot of similar experiences.  All we can do for each other is share our experiences & tell each other how it was for us.  

I would make an appointment to see the doctor about your pains - just in case it's an infection of some sort.

As for the call you had from the consultant - I had a follow-up appointment with my consultant following my surgery in which they told me it had spread to my ovaries.  They had not expected this and it hadn't shown up in any of the scans before surgery and it was also unusual for it to spread this way.  Due to this, I had to have further treatment, chemo,radio, brachy.   Please don't let this frighten you - as I say everyone is unique and the doctors will do what is best for your case.

I hope you haven't too long to wait on your appointment - it can be stressful.

God Bless



Hi Cath,


I have just had my consultant review following an MDT meeting after my hysterectomy on the 14th March. They kept my ovaries in to allow me to have my eggs and hopefully have a child in the near future. They analysed my specimen and they have seen that I have some cell changes in my fallopian tubes which literature says could be the very early stages of ovarian cancer. All results came back clear from MRI and the ovaries looked 'plum healthy' when i was opened up. I know how you feel about the 'waiting' after these MDT meetings as none of the above results for me have been finalised!!


Although my case is different to yours I hope that you can find comfort that I also am in a position of waiting and a total unexpected turn which is neither positive or negative at the moment without finalisation. Keep your positivity surrounding this and your doctor will have no problem advising you of niggles. I (and i am sure others on here) have sooooo many niggles and twinges and pulls and weird feelings inside that I have no idea what's going on haha! Nothing too uncomfy but I do over-worry and can be a nightmare.


I hope you are not waiting too long.... and keep us posted on your progress, it's really nice to hear of other people's journeys as we are all inspiring each other!

Best Wishes to you xxxx

Thank you for your comments, I did just post a comment to a really sad announcement, how wonderful this site is and how much comfort, hope, information you get, it's so nice to be able to help other people and I really appreciate any feedback. I was awaiting radiotherapy for the 1b1 found in my cervix following my hysterectomy, following another MDT they would like me back in for a lymph node procedure before radiotherapy.

One thing I am now beginning to learn with cancer is 'expect change', I am now in the frame of mind though of staying positive, making long-term plans and having lots of ideas of how I can return some of the kindness and support I have been given, you always hear patients, or their families, saying about positive things that come from this illness and I can now say I too can see that, I hope everyone else can too X