Funny tight feeling low down in abdomen

Hi Ladies,

Wondered if anyone could give me some advice please, i'm 7 months post op radical parametrectomy including paraaortic and pelvic lymphadenectomy, had to have this second operation as they didn't know about my cancer when they did my hysterectomy, i'm 9 months post op hysterectomy, thing is i've started to feeling this strange tight feeling right across my lower abdomen, does anyone know what could be causing this or do you think i should speak to doctor about it?


Mandy xx


Please ask about it and be sure to get an answer. Don't accept 'it's normal'. You have a lot of scar tissue and they need to know if there are any adhesions/if they can reduce the tension-pressures/etc. One friend who kept after them, finally found out it was neither of the above and was because her bowel was over active. Med calmed it down and she is fine now. But she kept on them.

Hugs, Katie

Thanks Katie

Will give the doctor a call on Monday

Mandy xx