Funny things happening 1 year on?

Hi all it was my one year on from my radical hysterectomy, I had CC stage 1B, on November the 27th! So far haven't needed further treatment, had lymph nodes removed, but margins were clear. I'm doing good, apart from some niggles along the way, & cracking up every now & then thinking it's back! But what has been kinda ongoing for the most of the time that is not improving, is when being intimate with my husband, I still & always have had a scratchy feeling inside, sometimes it's worse & other times not. The last time I could feel that scratchy feeling & my husband actually has a scratch!!! I'm sorry to share so much, but it's worrying, just wanted to know if anyone had anything similar? I e-mailed the oncology nurse, she said she's not heard of anything like this, that I need to come in & see the specialist so he can have a look-normally it's the other doctors who do check-ups for the 3mnthly check. Thank you all xxxx Salma

Yeah I know what you mean! It has happened a couple of times to us...we tried an oil based lube instead of the water based ones i.e. a squished vitamin e capsule. Worth a try?


Thanks for the reply, will give it a try. Did you need anything done, or is it just scarring?

Just scarring, and lack of hormones.

Thank you, helps so much when someone who has been through all this can give some advice or answers xxx

hi all

i believe i have had similiar problems, i got referred to a menopause clinic and was prescibed pessary's with oestrogen, however this has caused more trouble than it was trying to fix!

so another checkup looming as i believe i caused to quote my CNS trauma when inserting it (sorry for TMI).  My CNS said that the vaginal wall thins after menopause and isn't as subtle - it just gets better and better right....

Oh no Pat, isn't this stuff just the flippin pits!! I got some lubricant samples from the oncology nurse, lets see!!! I really don't want to be checked & prodded again! Hope you get sorted at your check up.