Funny stories/cheer up corner :D

Hi all,

If the moderators/admins of Jo’s trust feel this topic is not acceptable or appropriate i completely understand and in no way did i mean to upset or offend anyone and will understand if you see nessessary to delete this post!

I saw a topic for this a while ago and a lady asking what people thought of it? well…i think it’s a great idea and seeing as i wrote a topic on dilators that has now spread to 4 pages with serious advice crossed with humour and cheering stories that have had ALOT of ladies in stiches i thought it was about time we had a funny stories corner. Feel free to add your humourous stories throughout your pain/upset/and sad times. When faced with the most upsetting periods in our lives sometime humour is the only way of seeing us through! i will be adding mine shortly!

Feel free to add, and cheer us all up in a time where it would mean the world!

Lots of love Kate xxxxxxxx

Hi Kate,
Can’t wait to read your story. I think humour is essential in everyday life and let’s face it, during the most difficult times we all come across something funny. I make the worst situations funny, It helps me through the bad times. Great idea Kate, keep them coming. Love Jill xxx

I have to say I’m in two minds about this - I think it’s great to have humour but I tend to prefer it as part of a thread that’s relevant to what we’re talking about.

At one stage people started to forget what Jo’s was about and it became very gossipy and more like a chat forum - which is why some of us moved that to facebook.

Although i don’t think that Jo’s should be doom and gloom, we also have to remember that there are people coming here for the first time sometimes with very sad diagnosis and we have to remember that they need advice and support first and foremost. It would be awful if someone felt that their situation was being trivialised. Remember how scared you were when you first got here? It’s funny how we deal with thing differently at different stages of our “journey”.

Also we’re dealing with very different scenarios - from CIN1 to people who have recurrances and people we have lost. It’s very hard to get the right balance I think.


Hi Girls,
I do agree with Zoe, the most important part of Jo’s is support,advice and comfort, we have all used Jo’s for this purpose. I enjoy giving hope and comfort to terrified women, as I needed this myself in my darkest times. I think Kate was introducing a small amount of humour in the right places, at the right times, which is fine. I recently joined facebook because I felt facebook is now more Jo’s than Jo’s, which I feel is such a shame.There is now more information and chat about Cervical cancer on facebook than there is on Jo’s Trust. Take Care Girls Jill xxx

Kate - I think it is a good idea - but that is because I am a jokey person and deal with things that way.

But, I put a jokey thread on here the other day about what I was going to have done and no-one found it funny so I deleted it! And I was scared for a whole day that I would get barred from Jo’s!!!


Hi everyone,

Well that’s why i thought a seperate post was a good idea then if you don’t want to read it you don’t have to. It’s quite clearly headlined so no one would come across it by accident. If you came on here feeling upset you wouldn’t go looking for funny stories anyway! but maybe it would cheer people up that are feeling down and sad.
If you look through posts i’m usually one of the first people to welcome people to Jo’s or offer advice if i can. And in no way, shape or form would ANYONE make light or trivialize someones diagnosis or worries and how would that happen if it’s a seperate post? …that’s why it is a seperate post! Like i said i wouldn’t want to upset anyone so there are 2 options - either add a story, or don’t use the post and let it go down the board. What i don’t want to do is keep it at the top of the board and it becoming a dissussion about wether it should be there or not. Anyway it was just an idea and i can’t delete it, so if no one posts it will go down the board in time. Like i said i don’t want to upset anyone,

Kate xxx

I am sure the ladies on here know you did not mean to upset anyone by mentioning a funny/humour part of the forum.
I can see it from your point, it would be nice to share the funny moments we have had through our journey, and i am sure there are plenty of ladies with stories, but i can also see Zoe’s point too. Maybe see what Rebecca or someone else @ Jo’s thinks about it, if they think it would be a good idea, then they can introduce it to the board/forum.

I have to agree with Kate and no I can’t begin to understand what the people who had cancer have been or going through however I do have CIN 3 so I have been to the bottom of desperation alot, but it is clearly marked nobody is going to click in it to read it if they don’t want to. Like Kate said there was one serious post advice on dilators/brachy and it had become quite amusing some women may find it quite trivialising in there with it being a serious topic with jokes added and refrain from posting because they think people will just make a joke of there problem. So maybe somewhere to collect all the stories together in a clearly marked thread is a good idea to prevent posts getting hijacked too. I understand why people would be scared that it may not be a good idea but it may help people not feel so intimidated.

The one that jumps to mind with me was my first colposcopy, I was so frightened and if you had of seen me I looked like I was a prisoner going to the gallows! When I got on the bed (while walking from one room to another trying to prevent my bum flashing because of them daft gowns! :lol: ) and managed to breathe my way through my old consultant went to take biopsies and I was so scared it was gonna hurt I started clinging to my gown, infact I clinged so hard and held my breath so much she had to stop and the nurse (to help me) started laughing saying Oh my, breathe girl we can’t be having you stop breathing I know i’m a nurse but I didn’t plan on resuscitating! She managed to pry my had from my gown to find i’d put massive marks in with my nails and when I realised what I’d been doing I started laughing. I didn’t even realise it was just an automatic reaction. I felt such a plank :lol: That was defo the first of many! :mrgreen:


Fully agree with the sensitivity points, but I do like this idea :smiley:

One of my stories is about being super squeamish - to the point that when people talk about needles or blood for more than about, ooh say 5 seconds, I go very faint and my wrists go all floppy (!)
As you can imagine, I tortured myself for weeks on the lead up to my cone biopsy op, lying awake at night imagining them digging the needle in me like a giant straw (gah! going weak as I type!) :shock: etc etc

Well when my doctor emailed me the consent forms and full detailed list of what could go wrong during surgery, I was at work. Realising what it was as I opened the email I already felt super apprehensive, but as i started to scroll through the attachment, I could feel the colour literally draining away from my face. It was quite possibly the longest list in the world, and by the time I got to the bit about emergency caesarians and blood transfusions I had to lie my head on my desk while my arms dangled limpy by my sides. This is the somewhat pathetic position my colleagues found me when they came breezing in all ‘good morning!’ etc! :roll:

I managed to compose myself, until the doctor then sent me a message asking me to pop in and do my pre-op bloods this morning (I work in the same building as my docs), instead of the appointment I had due the next day. Obviously this was a good thing really, as it meant I didn’t have chance to panic all night about it and turn up a drivelling wreck. But at that stage I sort of swerved into my boss’s office and shakily told him everything, on the brink of tears (well, no work was gonna get done!)

He listened incredulously that I have not had any blood taken in 10 years and while being sympathetic, gradually turned the conversation round to the point where even I could see the humour of my reaction. He never said I was over-reacting, but gently made me realise I was, and by the time I left his office I was actually smiling! Plus when I got there the nurse was quite busy and super efficient, so the was no time for my drama or waterworks - I was in and out in record time! To the point where even I was wondering what all the fuss had been about. :wink:

Amazing what anxiety can do to you isn’t it!
Nice work on ripping your gown, as if they don’t expose enough anyway!

I reckon one topic that alot of people may have amusing stories on is: the crap we talk when we come round from anaesthetic! Although I’ve lived in Spain 3 years, I just could not process the fact that all the hospital staff were speaking Spanish. Super confusing! And I was so convinced the tube would be in my wrist that I kept showing my bofriend how it was in my elbow instead. And repeat. And repeat! I was on loop with those 2 observations for about 20 mins lol; thank goodness my boyfriend is patient (I did wonder why he and my mum kept shooting each other amused glances :slight_smile:
:roll: :lol:

Can I put my one in about giving birth to the blood clot :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

OMG! You didn’t! :shock:
I see my squeamishness is going to make it hard to read some of the stories lol! :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Yeh Shell do share and Sky i’m still laughing now from yours!

Dear All

Please note that I am going to move this thread over to the Social & Fundraising Forum in the next half an hour.

Thanks for your understanding
Best wishes

Oo yes the funny things you say when you wake up after having a general anesthetic. One time I woke up panicking that I wasn’t asleep so I quickly turned to the anethestist assistant to tell him that I was still awake and it hadn’t worked. I remember panicking that I had to tell them before they started doing anything. Well of course it had all be done and I was I recovery, I felt like a right tit! I was told though that it’s quite a common thing that people say. What a numpty I felt! Nevermind, it made my giggle afterwards :smiley:

Rach xx

Shelly my little chestnut! please post about the blood clot as i found it HILARIOUS! especially the bit about auntie Doreen! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well i’ve had lots of funny bits and bobs over the last 6 months! i don’t even know where to start haha!

The funniest one ever has to be when i went in for my brachy! Put it this way, even i was laughing and it was the last thing i felt like doing!

For months (even since it was mentioned) i was having a nervous breakdown about it! I was TERRIFIED! so the day finally came, along with the tears and everything else. We got to the hospital and i was having serious palpatations about it all. We were shown to my little room with the CCTV and told about the anestetic and i asked my consultant if my hubby could come down to theatre with me. She said it was fine as long as theatre didn’t mind. So i was given a gown and told to get changed and given the tights/pop socks to put on. The other lady who was in the next room did nothing but moan, natter and ask questions about when she could have a cup of tea and what if she was hungry (she’d even took slippers for god only knows what reason) and i’d already been told that everytime we ask for something the machine had to be stopped. Anyway with my anxiety this lady (she was probably very nice) was slowly starting to get on my nerves and i said to my hubby (i sound so horrible, i’m not usually like this lol) if she moans all bloody night and keeps stopping the machine i shall strangle her with the brachy tubes! Forgetting we were on CCTV oops! (whilst i was going a demonstration on how excatly i was going to strangle her :oops: )Then it was time to get my pop socks on well - my left calf is a running joke in my family (i refer to it as my “fat leg” :shock: ) it’s been much bigger than the right for years but apparently it’s nothing to worry about. Anyway it came to trying to get this pop sock on i was hysterical! There was me in my sexy gown, with my hubby trying to force this sock on that much the bed was moving as i was flying all over the place, all over the bed, my hubby fell on top of me :shock: and all this was watched on CCTV! it was like something out of Benny Hill :oops: Then i finally went down to theatre. My hubby turns up and looked through the glass in the window and did a kind of worried look and looked at me with a strange expression when he looked through the glass which i said what the hells in there?! he thought that this was extremely funny, seeing as he could only see a wall lol, but i was so scared i thought he had seen scalpels and allsorts! :oops: anyway my hubby turns up in his outfit (very fetching) and starts saying his clogs are too big and they’re falling off his feet when he was walking. So then i was having panick attacks beacuse I had visions of him knocking out the anesthetist with a flying clog - twonging him straight between the eyes lol!

What a day all this - and then…i couldn’t have it done lol!

:lol: :lol: :lol: ahh hun I know at the time ya went through hell but damn that made me howl! Rachel anaesthetic does ridiculous things to us! :mrgreen:

I am easy going either way, but I do think the forum would benefit from different sections for different stages. I’ve found it a bit upsetting to see Posts about cin 1 for instance, with people worried about dying, when equally someone with a much more advanced stage than me must feel the same way about my concerns.