funny pains after LLETZ

Hi all :) 

Just wanted to know if any of you ladies who have had lletz have experienced any leg pain at all....might just be coincidence but it's something I've never had in my life & now 1 and half weeks after having treatment am getting showing/aching pains in the tops of my legs going down to my knees! Mainly on the right side... 

Like I said might just be one of those weird and wonderful things we have to put up with lol :)


I had sore legs/hips after my first colp.  I was in a right state around that time about everything (not helped by the fact I kept bleeding after!) so I called the clinic. They said it was quite common from the stirrups.  It did go away eventually.  xx

Hi Hun,

i had my lletz under a GA just over over a week ago.... (Area was too big to remove when I was awake) ...For the first 2-3 days I was absolutely fine.... Then I started w a bit of spot bleeding... (Only needed panty liners).... However Friday I started to have leg cramps in my thighs kinda like u described n stomach cramps n this has followed with me losing some black stuff (which I presume is the burnt bits off my cervix) n really heavy bleeding.... Like the worst period I've ever had!! Sorry if this is a bit gross.... 

i sorta think the the leg pains were the start of my body trying to heal n kick out t bad stuff,.... Hope that helps!!! n it's starting to slow down now!! X x x