Fundraising in Wales

Does anyone know if any events are planned in Wales? I work at an FE College and would love to hold an event there to raise money for Jo’s but a bit unsure how to go about it. I coordinate all the fundraising and hold events for World Aids Day etc but this topic is more tricky

Hi Helena,

There’s nothing planned that I’m aware of - I don’t think there are many members in Wales - not that I’ve come across anyway!

Feel free to PM me if you want to catch up, it would be good to do something. Sorry it’s taken me so long to answer you, I don’t post very often these days!

xxx :roll:

Hello Helena and Bev

Would you like to join Helen Jessop in Sophia Gardens Cardiff for the Walk for Fun? If you click on this link below you will find her email address to be able to ask her about it.

Let me know if you would like further information.