fundraising/awareness campaign

hi all,

have moved the end of my rant post to here as it started to get more into the fundraising/awareness stuff.

ive jut looked at downloads and realised that we dont seem to have a poster abut the campaign to reduce the smear age. does anyone know if 1 is planned or can we design one ourselves??

i also put on an idea about a cd album as bc has 1 and thought it would be a good idea for us too. i know its an expensive thing but thought we could try and get time/resources donanted or put it an an exclusive online download to make it cheaper maybe.

im also doing an interview with the norhtern echo next week and it could be a series of articals looking at all areas of cc and its effects. if anyone would like to be invlolved with this please pm me. i have the meeting with them next wednesday.


Hello there

I saw the post about the CD idea and think its a fabulous idea! My partner is in a band and spoke to one of the other band members last night to as how we would go about this. Initially it sounds rather complicated but hes going to get back to us today with starting points/contacts and help on how to go about this.

The only thing that worries me is the outlay to do such a thing but seeing as Jos is a charity, im sure theres lots of nice charitable people in the music industry that will help with the cause.

Will post back when I know more.
Paula xx

Completely supportive of all that you have said. Am happy to help you in whatever way I can. As you know, I have already done the ball this year - so £1,500 to come from that to Jo’s.

Would love to help out with a CD too.

Just let me know what you would like me to do!

Emma x

Hi Emma

You did a grand job of organising the ball, I really wanted to go, but my partner had a big gig that night. I will definitely be at the next one, I love stuff like that and my partner doesnt book gigs without checking our social calendar first now, so i hereby give you 11months notice that i want 2 tickets lol!

Paula xx

Same for me and Matt!!

Z xx

hi all,

paula, that would be fab if he can get some contacts. am sure we can use our feminine wiles to persuade people to donate time/materials. :wink:

main thing we need is to choose songs. i thought about the 1s that were played at claires funeral as a tribute to her, and any others of course, providing the familys are happy for us to do this. then maybe our favorite songs between us.

any help your partner can give would be fab!!

i didnt get chance to go to the ball (lack of funds) but, if your doing it agan at the same time then i will make sure i can be there this time.


Hey love the idea of a CD…I know that i had ‘a song’ that helped me through stuff when I was poorly…
Perhaps that could be a starting point for a collection??

Anything I can do to help raise awareness…tell my story etc…just let me know…

Good job girls x x

hi snowey,

thats a fab idea. i had a couple of songs i played when i felt poo. an angry 1 when i was angry, sad 1 when i was sad, and funny 1 to give me a lift! lol

anyone else have songs they would like putting on the cd?? i know it can be a deeply personal thing and understand if people dont want then included but i do hope you all share your ‘songs’ i think it will help heal us a bit by sharing that part of us and make the cd more… i cant think of the word so hope you all know what im trying to say… :lol:

am waiting for a response from a cd producer who i mailed a few days ago to see if they can help, amd am off work for the next 3 days so will be mailing some more :smiley:

a friend at work also thought about a calender, like they did in that film calander girls, but with more clothes. pics that mean somthing to us (unless we have a few who want to flash a bit of flesh! :lol: )