Full stenosis and pregnancy. Any hope?!

Hello all!

I’m after for some advice or suggestions please.

I had stage 1b1 cancer last September, fortunately it I had a simple cone biopsy and I got the all clear a month later.

Since then after the news my partner and I have been considering trying for a baby.

However, after having extremely painful periods for the vast majority of thus year, and when I say extremely painful, I mean can’t get out of the bath, codiene doesn’t touch it pain, by consultant decided to have a look down there with surgery and see what’s happening.

I opted for a spinal tap because I get ever so sick after a general and at the end of an hour of trying my consultant comes up to me head and says the best she’s managed to do is make a tiny slit but i have full stenosis.

Obviously now my mind is on how on earth I will be able to concieve if that’s the case, has any one else been in this situation or know of anyone who has???

Thanks so much for your help in advance


Hi liliirvine,

Sorry I can't be of any help to you but really didn't want to read and run. It's really unfair this journey we all find ourselves on. Although I can't be of help I'm hoping there may be someone along soon who has some experience of this and can offer you some advice and support. Hope you find the answers you're looking for soon.

x Maria

Thank you x