Hi All & thanks to All the ladies who replied to my last post on 20th May 2014.

& Thanks Mrs M for your info' re: the locals they might use and on what they use for tooth extraction....

I only read the replies yesterday as I do not always get to go on-line very often..  I have just tried to call both Hospitals but

I'm hitting brick walls (hence the FRUSTRATION!!!) I called the Hospital where I had the Adductor Tendon Procedure but they

were particularly unhelpful the woman on the phone said I'd left it to long to find out!  Well I only found out a few weeks ago

I needed to go for a Colposcopy I do not have magic powers where I knew last year that I needed to know the name of

the Local!!

I then called the Hospital where I will have the Colposcopy and couldn't get to speak to anyone... I left a answerphone

message for the Secretary of the Consultant re: my concerns - apparently the message says she won't be at work until

tomorrow so I will try again then...  My Colposcopy is booked for this Friday so I'm becoming increasingly anxious and want

to get some answers.  I'm the kind of person who likes to know the facts of the situation: as long as I do I can cope.

I hate if's & but's!

Thank you so much again.


Routine Smear Test: 2nd May 2014

Letter re: Colposcopy with diagnosis of High Grade Dyskaryosis & CIN2: 8th May 2014

Colposcopy Date Due in next 3 weeks (Between 19th - 9th June 2014) + possible Heated Loop Treatment

Colposcopy Booked for 6th June 2014....


Hi, you're very welcome for the local advice!! As for the hospital saying you've left it too long to find out about what local was used....well that's rubbish. clinical procedures and notes are kept on file for years!! (I have an insight into these things because I work as an operating theatre assistant practitioner) another option is to ring the secratery of the surgeon that did your tendon procedure and see if they can help. Most surgeons use the same local anaesthetics for most small procedures so if the secratery could speak to the surgeon who operated on u he will almost Definately know what local he used and he could access your records to find out if he can't remember for sure. Hope this helps love xx