Hi ladies,

So I had LLETZ on 1st June for CIN III. The consultant said it was a tiny area of abnormality and the margins came back clear (yay go me!).

I’m due to attend a follow up colposcopy and smear on Monday and am really frustrated as my period arrived last Sunday and is still in full flow. As I have a contraceptive implant (Implanon) my cycle has always been a bit erratic.

I guess I just want to have a bit of a rant as I wanted to get my follow up and result out of the way by Christmas. I called the clinic today and they said to leave it until tomorrow and if I’m still having my period to cancel Monday’s appointment and reschedule.

The thing is, hubby and I are heading away to visit family for 3 weeks over Christmas so I wouldn’t be able to reschedule my appointment until the middle of January. Would it be okay to leave it this long?

Thanks for listening.

Peanut xx

 Leave it til Monday morning to make a decision. It would be sods law that you cancel tomorrow and find that its all stopped by Monday.