so my results are back... But no one will tell me them, the consultant wants me to have a scan before he gives me the results. I haven't even got a scan letter I feel so in the dark rigIt now!! :(

I believe they have a 2 week target if they even suspect cancer, so hopefully you won't have to wait too long for the scan date. It seems pretty mean that they won't even tell you what they know so far though :-( If it was me, I'd rather know .... fingers crossed you don't have too long a wait hun

Can you ring the scan dept for an estimated date as they'll be able to look on the system at next available date surely and verbally allocate it and then send letter as confirmation? That's what happened when i was keen for my colposcopy appt but all depends if they've got your referral for scan. Did doc refer you? What scan is it? Xx

my results have come back before 10 days the receptionist was like its either good news or bad news with it coming back so soon, but no consultant is about to read the results, I feel like I'm being fobbed off with this all and treated like an idiot, my gp tried to get the results but they said she wouldn't understand them, so I have to wait till next week to get my results when he has read them and i have to wait for scan as well, I feel like going private right now I feel like no one is helpful xx

Tash I really feel for you and totally understand how frustrating this is for you they have been exactly the same with me all I keep getting told is that its not very common and I wont understand the jargon , do not feel like that bloody push them now till you get some answeres stay strong and positive if you need to chat message me anytime xx

Thanks Jo my gp has been really good and told me everything I wanted to know about the cells ect even tried to get the results from the hospital todY but no luck all I want to know is my loop biopsy results I find it really bad they can hold informaction about your health, hope you get answers jo have you had your coloposcapy yet? Xx

had mine last Thursday with a lletz they didn't say much bar the glandular changes sick of hearing that word lol could you message me with what your doctor explained about the cells as I don't understand much still waiting for results am glad you have a good gp Xx

Just rang the ultrasound department to say I've already been referred but it's with my consultant, it's fine it being with my consultant but he isn't around till next week :/ x

Hi Tashalouise,

How frustrating. I know I would want to know what they know too, being a worst case scenario kind of girl. I am pretty sure that there is nothing anyone can really say to stop you worrying your way through the weekend, but wanted you to know we are all here for you and thinking of you. I can understand that they would want to give you a full overview based on solid medical evidence rather than guesstimate and maybe give you the wrong impression, however waiting and not knowing seems almost worse. Hope you get through the weekend ok, and that they get things moving and explained for you as soon as possible next week x x

Bless you Tash - how bloody frustrating. I don't know if you are allowed to say but what consultant are you under?  I really hope you get some answers soon. Do you know when the consultant will be back? On a positive at least they are being proactive and thorough in getting you the scan xxxxx (((hugs)))


I can't spell his name :') it's Dr [name removed] or something at the [hospital name removed] it's really frustrating, I e even left my fella in bed come down stair in tears, I'be got to pull mt self together i dont do scared or

any other emotions normalily I Suppise today has been a tester that I'm not as strong as I thought i

was as all I can think of is my children. I feel it's absolutely brain tortore I really hope it's nothing and im

sat here over nothing and can move on from this horrendes experience, it brings me back to when I lost my dad nearly 5 years ago to something I've near accepted and my youngest son never meeting... I know im not dying far from but it brings all the emotions you don't want back. Sorry emotion wreck whicH usually I am far



Hi have just saw your last post I really hope you are ok your allowed to get emotional so never apologise hope you get some sort of communication tomorrow regarding your results Xx

Thanks Hun, touch wood I get them tomorrow or tues it's driving me mad, if not the fella will ring and kick up a fuss as surely they can't hold them back as they are in black and White reDy to tell me x

I hope you get them tomorrow Hun! It's awful how they can withhold results! Especially ones they know we are all so desperate to know! Xx

Me too :) hope you get yours soon Hun :) no news is

giod news I guess :) xx

Hi Hun


I have only just read this, Im sorry you have had to have a weekend of worry.

I hope you hear something today and please know that we are all hear for you what ever the result.


Love and light xx

Thank you lottie I've been told to ring this afternoon as spoke to the secretary and she's speaking to the consultant this morning as i should of had a scan last week but it got referred back to him so touch wood there is some form of communication xx

you must be so frustrated right now.. hope its not too much longer for you xx

Spoke to the secretary and she's going to nag him for me and see if it's been done :) touch wood not long xx 

Hey Hun, 

ive been thinking of you. Hope you are ok? Did u hear anything yet?