had a meeting with my consultant last week (1oth May) where I was officially staged at 2b.  He said he wanted me to have a radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal within 2 weeks. Went down to the admissions department and they said the 1st date was showing 8th June - and that they would have to speak to consultant as he needs to cancel non-urgent surgery.  I'm still bloody waiting - the waiting is seriously stressing me out!!!!!!  Called agian this morning but she says the situation is the same and that she's still waiting to speak to consultant!  I'm going out of my mind!  I just want a date!!!!

Hi, I so understand how you are feeling kazza..I'm am literally just being driven a 2 hour drive as we speak to hospital as they've just rang and said it's all go for tomorrow although I have been waiting for 12 weeks..I was diagnosed on Feb 23rd..the waiting is so unfair on us emotionally...I'm now a crying mess in the car because it's been so long coming I'm now terrified it's here! 

So tomorrow is d day for me and I really do hope you get a date very very soon.

lots of hugs 

kay x

Wishing you both the very best of luck, god bless you both xxx

Blinking hell that's mental wait times, u would be on phone every day if it was me I'm a terrible waiter, Kay we were diagnosed around the same time N I'm about to have my last rad treatment an booked into hospital for my braccy tomorrow, an by Friday my treatment will be complete, hardly seems fair when u still haven't had ur treatment start

Fingers crossed something happens sooner or later for u to be admitted.

Dawn x

Aw Kay I wish you the speediest of recoveries.  Please message me when you are ble too.  I've spoken to my macmillan nurse and vented off some frustration to her (and had a cry).  She says I shoudl definately hear tomorrow (I won't hold my breathe).  I will say a paryer for you tonight Kay xxxxxxx

Thankyou so much..I've arrived and am a complete mess! Going to pull myself together now and just keep telling myself that this  will soon be over and I'm stronger than this.. I will drop you a message to let you know how I am as soon as I'm able to.

lots of love kay x

I know it seems like a crazy long time to wait..they had trouble on deciding my staging! First I was told I'm at least a stage 2 and having chemorad then after eua and pet scan they decided I actually wasn't that far staged so I was a 1b1 and ok for a rad hysto! No excuse for taking so long mInd! Good luck for your braccy tomorrow you must feel relieved to know you've finished gour treatment. 


kay x

So tomorrow has become today, and very soon the waiting will be over and you'll have a new set of thoughts and challenges to occupy your mind. You've done the hardest bit! Go you!

Thinking about you for today and wishing you well for a complication free recovery. You'll be sore, but take all the painkillers they offer, drink as much as you can possibly bear to try and stop getting bunged up bowels (& to help clear out your kidneys & bladder) and give your ankles, legs and bum cheeks a little waggle every now and then if you can bear it - it will reduce the risk of DVT.

You've got this!

Thinking about you too - the Brachytherapy was nothing like as bad as I'd imagined and all the staff dealing with me during that time were universally lovely! You'll be home and dry for the weekend and wondering what to do with all the free time, you are suddenly feeling guilty about having, in no time at all!

Kazza, Hoping you had some news by today. Waiting about for things to start is absolutely the worst bit about the whole thing, but not even having a date for the first big intervention so you can start that wait is another level of stress. I'd be going nuts in your position too! I think i'd eat everything in the house all at once, but I'm not recommending that! Maybe cook some stuff for the freezer to make things a little easier after the op? It might give you something else to concentrate on for a little while until those thoughts break through again? (Or you get that op date!) Hang on in there!

still waiting hun.  They've actually called today (which makes a change) and have given me 3 dates (23rd, 25th or 30th May).  I'm praying its the 23rd!!!! probs wont get confirmed until tomorrow as the surgeon is in theatre again today.  it's so frustrating! I feel as though it's all I'm thinking about - it's driving me nuts!  I've been doing slimiing world - so wont eat everything in sight! hahaha - although I feel like!  I've been going for some nice long runs and doing loads of swimming to vent my frustration

thanks everyone - still waiting! hahahaha

I finally have a date!!!!!! 30th May!!!! Cant wait!