frustrated. 5wks, letter still with consultant

Has anyone else been told they would get a letter in 3-4wks after loop and biopsy but had to wait longer? I know I should be grateful as should mean the longer the results the better the outcome but every day since I had it done 5 weeks ago I’ve been waiting for my letter. called colposcopy dept (Tues) afternoon and they said it’s been with consultant since Friday, they just need to sign it off. Could be the end of the week but said they couldn’t tell me more than that. I’m just so anxious and frustrated. my experience was a bad one with loop and they took a lot away. I just have a horrible feeling they going to make me have it done again. I just want to know if I can put this behind me or if I have more to come :frowning:

Ugh it's sooo frustrating isn't it - my clinic are flipping rubbish with letters, every one seems to take weeks and weeks to move from desk to desk.

I'd recommend calling again and begging them to read it out to you over the phone. I've managed to get the secretary to do this several times even when the letter hasn't been signed off, with the caveat that it's only a draft and still might change etc etc

I've also found my gp gets their copy of the letter several days before I get mine, so have also asked the surgery receptionist to read letters out to me when the waiting gets unbearable! 

Both worth a shot, and fingers crossed it comes through soon xx