From normal to severe dyskaryosis in 12 months??!

Hi all! I haven't posted here before but I remember reading a lot of your experiences when I had my first LEEP, it was really helpful and reassuring. So thanks for that!

so: I had my first smear test age 25 and had LEEP, CIN3 but came back with clear margins.

6months later my smear test was normal, v happy and told to come back in a year.

12 months on: severe dyskaryosis, referred for colposcopy again.


I am, to put it indelicately, bricking myself. I thought these changes were supposed to take years? 

is it a really bad sign that they are recurring so soon? anyone else had this?



Hi I'm new here I'm now 40 but I had exactly what you are experiencing I had 6 treatments in 8 years for cin3  had a clear smear 6 months after treatment 6 months later it was back to cin3 . I was then clear for 10 years and clear last Oct now waiting urgent referral following gp examination on Thurs. Which is why I joined the site.  Have had bleeding and Dr can see something odd on my cervix.  So yes it can come back quickly but doesn't mean anything sinister. X

Thanks for your reply serendipity! It's great that you were clear for so long after that history of treatment, and I'm sorry to hear about your referral - I hope everything is OK. Do you mind me asking what treatments you had on the six previous occasions? I heard it's rare to have more than 3/4 LEEP procedures!

Hi there, I am in the same position as you. Had CIN 3 previously which turned out to be 1A1 and now 12 months after a clear smear I too have severe changes! Like you say, it is worrying to see how quickly the changes can happen x x