From low grade to severe in a year


I’m feeling really anxious at the moment so I apologise in advance if I ramble or miss anything out :confounded:

I had a smear test back in September 2017 where no abnormal cells were found but it said “sample contains evidence of transformation zone sampling”? I don’t know if that’s means something was starting? And the suggestion was to recall in 3 years.

I then had my next smear test in Feb 2021 which is just after they started testing for HPV, I was HPV positive and it says grade 2? They suggested to repeat in12 months.

Jan 2022 I had my third smear and it was HPV pos grade 3, and I had a colposocopy where they took a biopsy and it was CIN1. Management route was taken no treatment.

Jan 2023 I go for my fourth smear and it was HPV pos grade 3, I had another colposcopy and I think they did burn (can’t remember the name) a small patch where they said I had some ectropion. But no other treatment was necessary.

Fast forward to Feb 21st 2024 and I’ve gone for my smear, to receive a text from the NHS on the 29th organising an appointment to see a gynaecologist. The next day I receive a urgent headed letter stating the smear test taken has shown some changes in the cells of my cervix which have been classed as high grade (severe) pre-cancerous cell changes and HPV positive. The last time I got my results I had my routine headed letter a few weeks later and then someone called me with an appointment a couple of weeks after that aswell, so I’m just worried as it seems to have come straight from the lab that they need to see me?

Thanks for sticking with me if your this far!

So I’m just panicking as things seem to have levelled up quite quickly! I’ve been having pelvic pains and pains in my lower back/hips which I actually went to have an ultrasound on in the same week as my smear! I’ve been putting 2 & 2 together and getting 5 so I just need someone to give me some hope that they’ve possibly been through the same or similar and that all is going to be fine :face_with_peeking_eye:

Thanks! 🩷

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Hi Melissa I’ve not gone through this process but wanted to comment as u seem sooo anxious!!!

When you say your letter was urgent headed do u mean on the envelope or on the actual letter itself? Did it have the name of your hospital on the envelope/letter as well?

There are lots of things that can cause pelvic and hip pain that are not cervical cancer. There is a chance u are feeling these things more bcos you are so worried about your results x

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Hi Robin,

Thank you, I really am super anxious about the results, I have panic attacks about my health as it is because I’m so scared there is something wrong and it makes me so paranoid. But with this it’s just snowballed so fast when I was always told it takes years for changes and should clear itself up, so I’m just scared it’s not going to stop changing.
The letter itself said urgent on it, I don’t recall if the envelope did as I tore it open quick and threw it away as soon as I saw the NHS font, I’ll try attach a photo of my letter. So my last ones always said routine, but with it being titled urgent this time I’m more worried than usual.
Thank you for your reassurance, I get ahead of myself sometimes :woman_facepalming:t3: xx

Oh it won’t let me add a picture :confounded: xx

Can I ask how old u are Melissa? Just because you say in one of your results you had grade 2 cells but they asked you to come back in a year. Just wondering if you were young at the time so they assumed it would clear up? Ithink there are guidelines to avoid over treating ladies now

Does your new letter give you an appointment date and time? X

Of course, I’m 31 next week, yes they did say they’d let my body try and clear it, and I was kind of relieved that it wasn’t serious but now I wonder if we should’ve just done treatment :disappointed:
Yes, I had a text from the nhs giving me my app the day before I got the letter, it’s next Wednesday and I had my smear on 21st feb, so not too long to wait but still seems so far away :woman_facepalming:t3::confounded: x

Ah that might explain why they didn’t treat you before
I can understand your wish that you had been treated but there was every chance and lots of evidence that CIN can and does regress in some people, and it sounds like urs has regressed at times and now has come back
Its good ur appt is next week, not too long to wait but i bet it feels like ages x