From cin3 to cancer in 2 years (children mentioned)

Hi ladies. Sorry if this is the wrong forum

as you can tell from my signature I've got a very complex gynae history. 

2 years ago I had lletz for cin3. Results were cin3 with unclear margins. 

For the past 6 months or so I have have postcoitial bleeding, which is now so bad it's like a period. contant brown DC and bleeding I between periods. I have had the basty groin ache and pelvic pain the radiates into my leg for about 3 months. I have enlarged lymph nodes on head and neck for 4 months.

with the groin pain Dr thought I had kidney stones but CT showed no stones but my uterus was bulky with free fluid in the endometrium. 

I went to my GP and explained all my symptoms and told her about the scan. She wants me to monitor my bleeding until june. He also had a look at my cervix and said the the opening looed red and aggressive. But still didn't offer me a smear.

now my question is, has anyone had cin3 removed then 2/3 years later been diagnosed with CC? 

CC has been mentioned but lightly brushed off. I just can't deal with all this pain and bleeding anymore. It's affecting everything. I don't want to be close to my partner because I'm scared he May want sex and I don't want to bleed again. He knows how depressing this is for me and has been very good. But I feel useless. I'm always tired so I'm not much use to our 4 year old daughter. I just feel like a shit mother and parter. 

Sorry for the rant. Xxxxx


ive written down everything that's going on.

Continuous spotting/discharge. pads every day.
Water retention in lower legs
Lumps on head and neck
Waking up with puffy eyes/face
Tired all the time
Groin ache
Bleeding during and after sex
constipation and diarrhoea 
Urinating more
Bloatedness (looking pregnant)
easily out of breath

Hi Sammie,

What a dreadful time you are having, I am so sorry. Can you not get a second opinion from a different doctor? I'm sorry too that I cannot actually answer your question but either way you shouldn't have to wait until June!

Be lucky


Thank you. I will try and get a second opinion. Working with doctors has made me realise they are not always right lol xx

No, they aren't, and sometimes they need to be reminded that other, better doctors exist.

Let us know how you get along.

Be lucky


Hi Sammie,

Sorry to hear you are having such a stressful time. I had a "clear smear" in April 2012 and hpv testing wasnt done as it wasnt procedure then. Unlike you I didnt have any health issues besides some occasional  bleeding after sex and in September  last year lower abdominal  ache. In November  I was referred for a colposcopy as the doctor said my cervix looked inflamed. From that I was then diagnosed with 1b1 CC.

So I would definitely  request a smear if I were you. It could just be cervical erosion  causing your cervix to look red. If anything a clear result would help you to feel calmer. Im not sure sometimes doctors realise the mental strain these things cause! I know some ladies on here have got smears done privately.  

I wish you all the best,


Oh I'm sorry for you diagnosis  :( I'm going to push for a smear. I'm done with it now. No more nice sammie lol xx

Hi Sammie,

Sorry to hear you're having such a rough time. It's definitely time for Fierce Sammie to make an appearance!

I spoke to my nurse practitioner about the fact that very often, even if the GP does a smear, if it's not due the lab may refuse it. She says that's because it's just a screening test and that, if there are symptoms to be investigated, women should go straight to the colposcopy stage.

Wishing you all the best with this and hope you get some answers soon. :)

Kirsty xx

If in doubt and they still won't give you a smear you can always do a 'pay as you go' one on Bupa. You SHOULD NOT be in the position of having to pay for one when you have symptoms but better to be safe than sorry.  Hope all turns out well.

Oh Sammie, I'm so sorry to see you're back :( I've got everything crossed for you! Keep going to the doctors and bugging them until they have no other option - sometimes you know somethings just not right x

Hey ladies

ive become increasingly unwell, ended up in a&e yesterday with severe lightheadedness. I've been getting terrible migraines and all the doctors are saying I'm fine. I'm not, I can't even work. Still no one has done a smear. Blood test were okay apart from white blood cells being slightly high and same with platelets. I can't go on like this. No one is taking me seriously

Hi Sammie,

This is getting really distressing! Have you managed to see a different GP yet? I want to be able to do more to help than just type words.



Went to see the GP today who said I was suffering from depression. And another blood test tomorro xx

Well I think that any sane person would begin to suffer from depression if they'd been in your shoes!




Ahhhh my mood is so irritating, one minute I'm really happy the next I'm all emotional or quiet. grrrrrrrrrrrr

Mmmmm - sounds like depression to me :-(

How did the latest blood test go? Is the GP who has diagnosed depression the same one who isn't taking all your other symptoms seriously?

Have you managed to see a different one yet? Is there not some other clinic you can attend that is more gynaecology and less self-important GP?

Has the GP who has diagnosed depression accepted that this might possibly be caused by your physical health and the fact that nobody is dealing with it.

If I weren't at the opposite end of Europe I'd be in her office in the blink of an eye!

Huge hugs, still rooting for you, really hoping to hear some good news soon!



All your symptoms point to a seripous condition. Take yourself off to a&e tell them all your symptoms, and say I am not moving until i see a gynae!!