From 2a to 3c - terrified

Hi,. So I went to see the csn Friday after the mdt meeting on Thursday. 

I have now been staged from 2a to 3c due to the pelvis lymph node involvement. They said it was only one but they are edging on the side of caution for the micro... Whatever. 

This has now REALLY panicked and terrified me. I'm meeting the oncologist on Thursday but I'm scared stiff. I haven't been able to get out of bed all weekend. I'm petrified. 

I just wanted to say hi and send you lots of good wishes and love.

You can do this.

M x

Thank you. I want to feel strong. I really do. 

Hi Harvitt it will probably have done you good to rest in bed. I strongly advise you to register on the MacMillan forum as there is so much useful information and support on there as well as on here. They list the support for family and friends and for help with your rights at work. It really is worth taking a look.