18 months ago I had some post coital bleeding and was diagnosed with a cervical erosion and treated by cryotherapy. At the same time I had a Pap smear which was clear. At the time I was on the contraceptive pill, but stopped taking this 7 months ago now. I have recently had another couple of episodes of post coital bleeding and went straight to the doctors who said that my erosion seems to have come back so has referred me on a fast track to gynae-oncology as I also bled when she examined me. 

Stupidly I have been looking at why people are fast tracked thanks to Google and have frightened myself stupid. The combination of the words fast track and oncology have made me sick with worry. I have my appointment tomorrow but have spent the last week getting myself in a right state embarassingly crying at work today in front of my male boss. Great. 

Anyone had a similar experience, and what was the outcome? I have never had an abnormal smear. Do cervical erosions really come back that quickly for no reason and after you have stopped taking the pill? Not even sure what they are going to do to me tomorrow. Frightened. 

Hi Mrs KB, just checking whether the appointment went ok today?

Thanks for asking how it went Anne. Had a colposcopy, and confirmed it was just another erosion. The consultant was not best pleased with the GP for fast tracking me, but even though it made me panic at least it was all over quickly. I would rather the GP be over cautious than the other way.

Was offered cryosurgery again which I had done there and then as the consultant had time to do it and not make me come back again. Feel a bit crampy and unpleasant but could honestly cry with relief. The consultant did say that it is common for erosions to come back and they can go away on their own so the treatment was elective on my part as the bleeding bothered me. Still not comfortable about having to wait another 18 months for my next smear though so might see if I can pay for one to be done somewhere in a few months time. 

Phew, that must be a relief to you, I'm very happy for you! If you're nervous about waiting for 18 months, you've definitely got the chance to pay privately and have a test done earlier. I think it's best to do what puts your mind at ease. Calling the clinic to get some more facts and information might work well, too, and might make the waiting time easier for you to deal with. Happy about your good news - stay positive! :)