frightened and scared

Hi all. I have just joined so just looking to chat.

My results came back as having high grade dyskaryosis And that i needed a colposcopy

I attended this friday where i was advised that it was at pre cancerous stage but

They will do the colposcopy for further investigation.

Unfortunately i have a high set cervix so they gave up and decided

That i would have to be put under general.

Was told his waiting list was two months but because of 

The urgency of it he would put a call out for anyone trained to do it.


I had cin3 in 2008 and they did the treatment straight away, this time round I had cin2 and it took them 3 months to even make me an appointment even though they wrote to me saying I needed treatment. I rang every week and they kept telling me they would book me in but didn't ! I asked about whether it was urgent and they seemed very relaxed about it, but it worried me. I would keep on their case until you get your date. i wouldn't worry too much, but I could have had mine done 3 months earlier if they had just booked me in!

good luck x