Frightened after colposcopy.please advice

hi everyone


please can someone help me out. I suffer extreme health anxiety and had my first colposcopy yesterday. 


I I had been having symptoma of post coital bleeding, longer lasting periods etc. so I booked a colposcopy ,however my smear test two years ago was normal. 

When I looked at the screen there were some white areas and she took 4 biopsies. Why didn't she just treat the area then? Also if it is cgin cells further up would a smear have detected this? 

Im so worried waiting for the results. How long will they be? 


Sorry for for the million questions. 


Marie x

Hi Marie,



I’m sorry you’re feeling so anxious at the moment…These examinations and the waiting on results is unbearable isn’t it? It’s very reassuring that your smear 2 years ago was normal and try to remember that there are many reasons for bleeding. It seems that different NHS trusts follow different procedures….Some ‘see and treat’ on the day and others prefer to have confirmation of the changes before treating. Also, it may be that the changes that were biopsied turn out to be minor changes and therefore you may not even require further treatment. Yes, I’m sure CGIN cells would be detected following your colposcopy. Some people can wait up to 8 weeks for results which must be extremely tough going but I was lucky and only had to wait 2 weeks. Again, different NHS trusts appear to have different timescales that they work to. Did the nurse/Dr yesterday not discuss what she/he had seen with you or what the usual wait time is likely to be? It’s hard to remember all of the questions you have to ask on the day isn’t it?! Take care xxx

Thank you so much for replying.


i started crying when they took the biopsies. It bloody hurt!

she said not to worry and hope the results would be 3-4 weeks/torture!

im worried because I have symptoms that I have problems further up the canal which are the cells that don't get picked up by smears. 


Im such a baby when it comes to my Heath. People on here are so brave xx

Aww, I didn’t have any biopsies taken….I just had a lletz straight away which if you need, really isn’t anything to worry about….I didn’t find the procedure itself difficult. There are loads of really brave ladies on here but I’m sure most will have had a wobble or a cry at some point….It’s all very scary so how you’re feeling is completely understandable. Trust that the nurse/Dr knows what they’re looking for and if CGIN was a possibility they will have investigated that at your colposcopy.  I was told to expect to wait up to 4 weeks but after 2 weeks I phoned the clinic and they agreed to give my results over the phone because they could sense my anxiety. My letter didn’t arrive until a week later so it may be worth you giving them a call too after a couple of weeks. xxx

which part of the country are you in? I'm in Wales. I've heard having cin is quite common but not sure how common. 


it sounds silly but I can't help but think the worst then my mind runs away with all the what ifs xxx

I’m in Manchester. CIN and abnormal smear results are surprisingly relatively common….My mum had the same treatment I had 8 years ago, a friend of mine has just had treatment, another friend had a colposcopy referral after a smear but as her changes were low grade she didn’t need treatment and being quite an open book, I’ve mentioned it to a fair few colleagues/ friends and they all seem to know of someone who’s had an abnormal smear/ treatment. I guess it’s probably one of those things that a lot of women don’t talk about. Our minds have a habit of running away with themselves don’t they….Mine is exactly the same!! xxx

Sorry, I havent read replies So sorry if I'm repeating anything! I imagine they did biopsies to make sure there's actually abnormalities. They dont want to over treat so are seeing what's there. 

In regards to CGIN, I have CGIN and no CIN at all, and it was picked up at the smear x

Hi Marie, 


Just wanted to say I know exactly where you are coming from. I have always dealt with manageable health anxiety but when I got my letter about abnormality through in April it really went into overdrive like I have never known before: oddly, not about CC, but other cancers (though I have quite an odd approach in that I become obsessed with researching and deciding I have XYZ, and yet honestly I am not fearful of the prospect, I just get extremely preoccupied and upset about 'what if?').

But I digress a little. I found the colposcopy to be immensely reassuring...perhaps why I have focussed on highly unlikely 'others'! Like you, my consultant just took a few biopsies initially because he could not decide if the changes looked mild or moderate - moderate they treat, mild they leave for 6 months - and I was also travelling a couple of days later! Like Lemoncat says, I think they prefer to approach with caution e.g. not whip out a bit of cervix if they don't need to. My results have come back now as moderate/CIN2 so I am going to have LLETZ in a couple of weeks. The positive for you is that your last smear was normal and if you have been regular on your smears before that in the really really slim chance that there is anything sinister at all, it'd be at a super early stage - but please don't get hung up on this, which I know is easier said than done. 

 I'd also back Vicky on talking to women in your day to day life if you're comfortable doing it - this forum is a wonderful bunch of experienced, tough and supportive women, but you'll be surprised just how many ladies you know will have dealt with this themselves or will know a woman who has had treatment. Loads came out of the woodwork for me and it really does put you in a good place, that is, this is a pretty common situation to be in. 

 P.S. If you want a bit of light relief and haven't seen it, watch Catastrophe on 4OD...smear abnormality plays a pretty big part and it's a right laugh.

Emma x

What lovely people you all are taking the time to help me. It's so lovely to here women going through the same worry! I will be trying to raise money for this charity no matter what the outcome because it's a god send! 


I think im more worried because I have symptoms!


im so glad you ladies are on here xxx