Friendly advice required

Good Afternoon Ladies


I am new to this site and hoped i could gather some friendly advice as i am going out of my mind with worry. I have just tried to post on here earlier and it has posted an old message from someone else? just shows where my mind is.


Anyway  the story is i went for my smear on the 8th December and nearly 2 weeks later had a call from my doctor after chasing results to hear i had high grade/ severe discaryosis  and needed an urgent hospital appointment. Dr said it was precancerous as i asked out right was there cancer on my smear.


I then went to the appointment at coloscopy on the 22nd December and the nurse statred by disucssing my smear result saying that there  was severe cell change and possible early cancer I of course started to panic. She said it might not be but she would tell me what she saw when she looked at me. So fast forward she said that she could see nothing that was giving her any mjor concern an would say if she she did. She said that there ws just a small area and would not have thouht the smear had come from me. She took 4 biopsys and a womb pipeline biospy I was told i as having these before she looked at me. Anyway she said if i need treatment i would have to come back after biopsy results in.

I know this sounds silly but i then spent the entire christmas worrying convinced i had CC it was awful waking up everyday with the same sinking feeling.

The nurse called me on the 30th December to advise i had CIN2  and loop treatment would need to take place my womb pipeline biopsy was normal :) I felt relieved as i understand cin 2 is precancerous and started to move on and get back to normal. They booked me in today but i was due my monthly so cancelled and rescheduled for next tuesday 20th typically my period has come yet probably due to the stress i am causing myself. I then had a call from the nurse asking why i had cancelled my appointment and that i need to go for this last biopsy as they still haven't rules out cc. I asked her bout the punch biopsy and she said there was no cancer. I said should i be worried here and she said not too worried but you need to come. This has just set me of freaking out again and googling myself cross eyed.

I decided to visit my DR today as emotionally I am up and down and as i feel i have up and down information. He said what they have found is treatable and the worst case after the loop i may be heading for a cone biopsy or have the cells frozen but he said it all depeds on how deep the cells go. He said it may not even come to this. I mentioned my wedding is in december and i am terrified i won't be able to start a family and he said he is a million miles away from worry about that. To be honest he was more worried about my state of mind.

When i mentioned the nurse at the hospital said there "might be " an early cancer (going off just my smear) he rolled his eyes and shook his head.

I wish i could just calm down and take it in my stride and i know there are so many brave ladies who have gone/going through worse than me so i feel i should stop being so silly. I guess it is juts the fear of the unknown x








Forgot to mention i missed my last smear so haven't been for 6 years! stupid i know! I am 31 all previous smears clear

Also Dr said these cells are precancerous or just CIN 2 cells


Hi Jilly

I am rolling my eyes along with your GP. Poor you! I wonder if that nurse was trying to make sure you go to the next appointment by stressing how important it is. I guess she gets a lot of no shows. 

Don't think you're being silly.  These things are worrying even when we know it's probably ok. "Pre-cancerous" is the word you have to cling to. You've had your result and it's fine - they will treat you. The nurse was trying to scare you - I roll my eyes again!! Your GP is worried about your state of mind because the "it'll be okay message" hasn't settled in your mind properly. I hope it does very soon so that you can calm down properly.  Take care. Sending you a big hug!

Kirsty xx


Hi jillybean,


Ok so firstly if I were you I would listen to the doctor. CIN is precancerous and highly treatable. Have the treatment as soon as you can and you will feel so much better.  It was not really the nurses place to suggest you may have CC.

Best of luck with it all,



Thank you both so much for the support, I am suprised you managed to understand what i had written due to the amount of typos!

It has been a worrying time and its only after i had the punch biopsy result i strated to relax as these are precancerous. After the call from the nurse i was thinking my god i am goingto have worse on on this leep biopsy and started freaking. My Doctor said sometimes they can even downgrade from the punchresults.

The nurse has scared me so i am pleased i went to see the DR I guess when he said worst case scenario you end up having cone/freezing thats really not much of a worse case in the grand scheme of things.

I am having the leep with LA and a little scared if i am honest i had 4 punches and the endometrial pipeline without being numb and it wasn't too bad  (pipeline a little eye watering an painful)  so i just hope i can cope with the injection.

Either way i know i have to go and get sorted out. I hope the leep is enough.

Best wishes and hugs to both of you on your journeys!



Forgot to mention the wording of my hopsital letter from my biospys was high grade CIN 2 cell changes i have read online that cin is a precancerous result.