Friable Cervix .. is this common ??????

Hi everyone, 

So I had a smear test back in November which I paid privately for as I’m 23 and I was experiencing bleeding after sex for about four months. Fast forward a few more months and I had a clear smear (even though the doctor was adamant I had something wrong ) and a clear transvaginal. In the end I was told I have a friable cervix and that was it. 

I have been referred to the gyno for March 13th to investigate this a little further. So until that comes around I just can’t help but over think this whole thing. I can’t shake the feeling that maybe something was missed or is this normal ? I just wasn’t given any answers. I googled what is was out of curiosity because I was like okay great this is what is happening and so I just want to know about it... i have seen so many horror stories like women having normal smears but abnormal biopsies  and I feel like I’m making myself anxious. 

I just want to know is this a common thing and if it goes away ? Or does it eventually cause problems ? 


Thank you