Bloody nhs!  I rang up the clinic today just because I forgot whether it was 4 or 6 weeks  that I would have to wait for my biopsy results.  The lady on the phone told me my results were back already. .. After 7 days. .. now that has worried me something ridiculous,  only topped by the fact she said the nurse will need to talk to me because she's not medically qualified to do so.  She said the nurse would try and ring me later but that it might be tomorrow. . I was practically begging this receptionist lady to get the nurse to call me today because I won't sleep tonight otherwise.  I'm a wreck now,  I really had put this all to the back of my mind thinking 'well it's 4 weeks down the line! ' I just want this nurse to ring me back!  Xxx

Didnt want to read and run as I know what it is like waiting for information following a phone call where I was told nothing. I really hope in your case it's nothing to worry about, but keep calling them, that is unless you have spoken to them by now. I waited a whole weekend and was a wreck by the end of it.

good luck, let us know how you get on and most importantly stay positive. 

Sophie xxx

They didn't get back to me.  How can you do that?  Say yep got them here in front of me,  but can't tell you,  the nurse will ring you back. ... and then nothing.  I bet she'll sleep fine tonight,  unlike me!  :(

I said the same when they made me wait the whole weekend. Get onto them in the morning first thing and I hope you manage to get some rest, telling you not to worry is pointless as I know you will be. Stay strong xx

Hi hon,

my cns rang me twice today but I didn't manage to talk to her and now I'm going up the walls! ( waiting for MRI results) HOWEVER it means nothing! Please don't spend the night worrying that this all means bad news, it is just standard procedure for the 'right person' to talk to you, and some won't even do that ove the phone, but will ask you to come in person even for good news. So try to sleep tonight, tell yourself that you will find out tomorrow and that will be better than waiting another 5 weeks.

hugs, Molly xx

Thank you both xxx this forum has been my lifeline! 

Thank you both xxx this forum has been my lifeline! 

Please don't worry! I called the hospital on Tuesday because it had been four weeks and I'd not heard, and wasn't told how long it would be. The receptionist confirmed they had my results and said her computer was on the go slow so she'd ring me back when it had loaded.. turned out this was her way of not worrying me and a nurse called me back an hour later with my result (CIN3/CGIN all removed during cone biopsy).

This was the same with my punch biopsy results, I called 3 times over a week as I was so anxious and the receptionist told me she'd keep an eye out for my results but wouldn't be able to tell me without my doctor's permission because she was not trained to do that. The doctor called me when they came in and told me over the phone CIN3 and CGIN.

It's perfectly normal for the doctor or a nurse to have to call you, don't panic xxx

My results have come back with very severe abnormalities,  they can't say whether it is cancer or not until they do the loop and get a better look so I'm going in next week for that to be done.  With the quick turnaround it's made me feel glad it's getting sorted but also terrified that it's cancer.  Oh a good note my sti test they did at the same time came back clean lol do every cloud I guess! 

Best of luck, remember severe abnormalities does not mean cancer. Although in my case it did, when I was awaiting results I had that many friends telling me they had had severe abnormalities and they just needed lletz and were all shocked with my diagnosis. let us know how u get on xx

Hon even it is cc it sounds as though it's not visible to the naked eye, which would mean TINY (microscopic) and lletz/lepe might be enough anyway. Or may be just abnormalities.

its a horrib,e time, and waiting is the pits, but it's going to be ok. Xxxxxx