Frequent loo visits

Hi all, in December I was diagnosed with 1a1 cc after moderate cell changes. I was diagnosed after a colposcopy and loop. I went back for another loop treatment as the boundaries were not clear.

Results came back all clear after the 2nd loop and got to go back in 6  months (July)  for repeat smear.  No scan or any other treatment given which I think is normal and appropriate  for my staging. 

So that was all in Dec/jan well the last few weeks I've really noticed that I  constantly need the toilet. I can go and then need it again less than 1/2 hour later- I sometimes forget that I've just been. I am even waking in the night and struggling to get to sleep because I need the loo which I've never done before.

Does anyone think this could be related? I'm not in any pain, not had sex and no bleeding (cool)  (sorry if tmi) since the diagnosis so haven't got any other symptoms.

any thoughts will be greatly received. Thanks.   


Could you have an infection? Do you have other symptoms like backache or fever and nausea? 

drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine, juice, tight clothing and take a sample of urine into your Gp for testing. Walk in centres are open on a Sunday if your symptoms worsen and they can give you antibiotics or refer you urgently if necessary. 


Good luck.