Freezing eggs after having hysterectomy

Hi, this may be a really stupid question but I had a radical hysterectomy but my ovaries were left in, does this mean that I am able to freeze my eggs? My consultant never discussed it with me and I'm a bit embaressed to ask him in case it's a stupid question. Thanks Laura x

Hi Laura,

Not a silly question at all, first off ask to be referred to a fertility specialist.
It is possible, they have to go through your abdomen to retrieve them and you will need hormone treatment too to stimulate your ovaries.
They told me that it was better to freeze an embryo as opposed to just eggs as they stand more chance of survival after the thawing process.
Lastly, the cost. If you have no children then the nhs will fund it. I didn’t have it done as I can’t afford it (already have one child)

Hope that helps,


Hi Laura, 

                I've just recently had a hysterectomy and had my ovaries left in. I havent got a family yet. I'm 39 and was planning to start a family this year.

As you can imagine I'm heartbroken and wanted to know if you had your eggs done in the end? And what the outcome was?. 

Look forward to hearing from you.