Freaking out

Hey ladies.

Well i'm sat here totally freaking out, after having CC 1b1 last year and having sucessful treatment I am now waiting on results of further LLETZ for possible CIN2- i feel so anxious, i just cant concentrate on anything, feel constantly sick. Did some trampolining earlier and now my cervix area is really sore, had LLETZ two weeks ago and now thinking it wasnt one of my better moves.

Has anyone else ever had abnormalities after CC?

Big hugs ladies  xx


I noticed no one had replied so I thought I'd send some positive vibes your way! When will you get your results of the lletz? You have to remember that cervical abnormalities don't mean cancer, even if you've had cc in the past. What treatment did you have for 1b?

I've got my first post op smear tonight and I'm really nervous xx

Hiya Tank86

Thank you so much for replying to me - and your positive vibes x

how did your smear go?

i received your positive vibes - had hospital yesterday and hes happy the lletz got it all - he said im very inflmmed and has referred me for ultrasound for the pains i get on my right side but so pleased dont need anymore lletz or an op.

I had two large lletz done and lymph node removal.

thanks again for replying to me - appreciated xx