Freaking out !!!!

Hi all
I’m freaking out a bit…have had a bit of a chest infection last week or so …doctor sent me for x ray 2 weeks ago…results back today …right lung clear left lung showing density…now I had a chest xray before i started my treatment in October. .that came back clear…if this is anything nasty would it have developed in such a short space of time??? My mind is now in overdrive xx


I have no experience in the lung department 

what has your gp said are they sending you for further test ? 

Try not to worry till you have a definite answer 

youve mentioned you've had a little chest infection maybe it's just not cleared up with the antibiotics stay grounded until you know what's what I know it's hard to 

sending a hug 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Hi Michelle

She is sending me for a ct scan..iv got my first post treatment scan tomorrow so I'm goin to mention it to them and hopefully they may av a look for me..I'm panicin like hell xx


hope your scans ok today 

try not to panick till the results keep your self busy I  know it's hard but it will drive you crazy stressing 

Keep us updated 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Hi michelle

Mri scan all done...I mentioned it to them today so the radiographer had look at my original chest x ray and pet scan results from October just before I started treatment and she said there is nothing standing out to her in my lungs so that has putmy mind at ease a bit because she said if there was anything in my lungsthe pet scan would av picked it the wait begins now until next Thursday. .thanks for the message xx

Glad your mind has been put at ease x 

Hope the time between now and Thursday isn't too stressful x 

Hi Louise,

My very first scan showed a couple spots on my lung but then the next scan they weren't there. Then nothing again for 6 months then the next scan spots again - i also had a chest infection at the time so had to have another scan 6/7 weeks later. Spots are still there but unchanged so they don't think it's related to the cancer.

Try not to worry too much it could be totally unrelated x

Hi phileepa 

Thank u..yea my mind not so crazy for a min. .sayin that mind I won't fully be happy until I know what's goin on..I'm actually not worried about my results as much as I am about my chest..crazy ain't it...I don't think my stress levels are ever gonna be the same again lol :-) xx

Hi angel butterfly 

Thanks for ur reply...I'm trying not to connect my lung to my cervix lol..cos like I said all my scans were clear 5 months ago. .but seeing as I'm no doctor I don't know how fast these things can appear. So hopefully my ct scan will be soon so I know what's goin on..xx