Freaking out so much!!

Hi guys, I've never really used forums before but I really don't know who else to speak to. I'm 24 and I had my first smear test a few weeks ago... I thought the whole experience was fine and I didn't really think too much of it. However, on Monday I got a letter stating that my test found mild dyskaryosis and HPV. I've now found out that I've got to go for a coloscopy in February.


I spoke to the nurse when I initially got the result and she was very reassuring and I felt okay about things. But when I got home that night I got a bit google-happpy and now I can't stop thinking the worst. I'm dreaming about the results everynight and finding it really hard to sleep & eat normally.I didn't have stomach pains before but I do now and I keep feeling really sick with worry.


Also... I've been with my boyfriend for three years and we haven't been with anyone else in that time. However, I read online that HPV usually goes away after a couple of years unless you have a weakened immune system.... so now I'm getting paranoid that there's something really wrong with me.


Sorry to go on about it. I know other people go through worse things and cope better :( Feel like such a wimp.


Is anybody else waiting for a coloscopy or have any advice? Thank you xxx

Awww bless you bbe big hugs to you i also am 24 i have been dignosd with cin3 the colp is nothing to worry abou its just like a smear but takes bit longer they my also do biopis witch i myself did not feel xxxxxx

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly it's really good to hear from somebody who understands :)


Did you get told you have cin3 before the biopsy? I'm still confused about the whole process. I hope eveything is okay for you. Thanks again for the reply. Xxx

Hi Arghhhhh, I just joined this site as I am in the same boat as you.  Had first smear a couple of weeks ago and got results back as high grade dyskaryosis, so naturally I'm also freaked out.  Getting colposcopy on thursday (can't come fast enough) and I'm a little worried about the results of that.  Also finding it hard to sleep etc and very ratty with people at the moment!  I've also been Googling which is a good and bad thing.  I know more about it now but it is a lot to take in.  From what I've read, we just need to remember that it isn't cancer yet!  Of course, that doesn't stop us from thinking 'oh God, what if it is?!' but I think that's normal. 


I hope everything goes ok for you, the waiting is just awful.

Hi Vegitabeta! (nice name btw)

Best of luck for the coloscopy, let me know how it goes.

*fingers crossed for the best*

I guess you're right... it's not cancer yet :) Thank god we went for our tests!

However... I think "cancer" is the only word I managed to read in the leaflets I got sent before the tears started.


Anyway... I think I'm going to order some greasy junk food to take my mind off things xxx

hi Arghhh! and other ladies.

i had my first smear a couple of months ago and found the whole process confusing until i came here.

my first results showed borderline changes and HPV. I went to a colposcopy which was slightly uncomfortable but all together ok. they took a biopsy.

my results came back from that as CIN3 and HR HPV and i am due to have a LLETZ on thursday. 

I must admit im terrified but from the hours and hours of reading i have done i can honestly say that no matter what happens i am being treated quickly and properly.

althought the waiting is the worst bit!

I did exactly the same when i got my first letter. and my second letter (even though the biopsy showed no cancer i still cried!).

i hope all goes well for you


 At 24 I had my first smear and a year later ive had colposcopy biopsies and today lletz to treat cin2. All the time ive been googling and scaring myself silly. Every appt has been easier than I expected. Though its uncomfortable I have never felt any pain (and im a huge wimp). I recommend taking a paracetamol before you go and let the nurse know you're nervous.  Theyre great and keep you chatting to take your mind off of the procedure. They also answer all Qs and give you their name and number if yoy have more Qs when you leave. Best of luck :) 


Feel free to pm me if you need someone to talk to x

Thanks guys.  I think I'm most worried that they might decide to leave it and check me in 6 months' time to see how things are.  That would be the worst 6 months ever!  Though since it is 'high' grade, I'm sure they'll find something to do.  Hopefully they do it all on Thursday when I go.  Too stressful to be waiting around!  It does make you wonder how long you've had it though; tests should certainly be done at a younger age.  Look at all of us 24 year olds who have been for our first smear and found out it's not great news!

Fingers crossed for everyone's colposcopies and everything else, and may we be blessed with a calm mind in-between appointments (if only)!

Hey. Im 24 and had my first smear dec...high grade dyskaryosis. Had colp and lletz last tues. Now waitin for results. Defo agree age should be lower but thank goodness we all went eh! And remember ur not on ur own...we r all here to support eachother.  This site has been fab for me. Sendin hugs xx