Freaking out about LLETS

hi all. Still in a state of shock, got my letter a little over two weeks ago saying high grade changes moderate so was thinking cin2. Anyway went for my colposcopy on wedn and she took biopsy and said it’s cIn3.


anyway long story short I needs loop this weds coming but I’m freaking out because she said it will make my heart go a bit funny and legs wobbly due to the adrenaline in the local anaesthetic but Iv already got a issue with my heart, she assured me I’d be fine but I’m panickin. Help pease

Hi hun,  not sure about how the local will affect you with your heart issue but as longs the staff are aware then it should be fine. lletz is not the nicest thing in the world but is over pretty quick, take someone with you for support and to drive you home after.  Rest up for the day and possibly even the next couple.  you may feel really emotional and upset by it as some people do.  I too had cin 3 and the results were clear, the bleeding for me was exactly 4 weeks which isnt fun, i also had really heavy bleeding at 10 days for a few days it was quite heavy, the pads are a bit of a nightmare but you will get through it.  I reallly hope everything goes ok for you the waiting is really difficult and worrying.  Take care and look after yourself.  xxx

Hi Jesso,


So sorry to hear you're panicking. So was I for various reasons - thought of treating it naturally, didn't like the idea of the procedure etc. Had mine done on Wednesday (Sunday today) and actually wasn't that bad. I have a mitral valve prolapse and was absolutely fine after local, but perhaps check with your GP?

I took the following two days off and literally watched crap day time tv and ate sweets and crisps. Was scared to leave the house, but went for a short walk and was fine. 


Hope all goes well xx

Thanks guys for response. 


Update. i couldn’t do it, they arranged different injection without adrenalin but i was so stressed my existing bladder issue flared up and I couldn’t tolerate the procedure. I’m upset with myself