Freaking out a bit

Hi, I might just be being stupid and I don’t know what I want to get out of this, maybe I’m just letting my thoughts out a little. So back in November I had a colposcopy and punch biopsy due to hpv and abnormal cervical cells found on my smear. I found it very traumatic (I’m terrified of anything gynae related as it is due to past trauma), within days after had a uti, thrush, a bacterial infection and was in extreme pain. I’ve been in some pain ever since with weird urinary symptoms despite no infection showing, was off work for awhile, I’m awaiting a urogynaecologist referral and have taken myself private to a pelvic physio who said my pelvic floor has become extremely tight, possibly in response to trauma and pain of the infections, and she gave me some exercises and breathing to do to try and relax everything and this has helped already about 80% so I think this is that issue. But the point is, it’s been a horrible time. For the past month I’ve been having severe itching down there (no infection present, been swabbed for everything multiple times over the past few months and 2 weeks ago for thrush and BV). I have no smell down there and my discharge is normal except the odd bit that’s thicker and darker maybe once a week but it doesn’t smell and I have no infection on tests. Dr thought everything looked normal and gave me a mild steroid cream and antihistamines to help, which helped byt don’t alleviate it and I can’t keep using the cream for more than a week at a time I was told due to the steroid. I have also noticed that my inner labia especially the right hand side has become a brownish colour, I’ve looked down there A LOT with all that’s gone on and my normal colour is light pink which is still mostly on the left side but most of the right hand side is now brown. I put this down to my pill causing hormone changes but I’ve now come off that, but yesterday came across information online (I know shouldn’t be googling!) about VIN and it’s freaked me out due to skin changes and persistent itching, soreness sometimes after sex etc especially with me having hpv. Luckily my cervical results are only cin1 so just extra smears as I can’t face anything else being done in there! But I’m worried about what’s going on on the outside…

Hi sa1994

I haven’t had the same experience but just wanted to mention, in case you’re not already aware, that products such as bubble bath, shower gel, soap etc can cause genital itching. I only allow water directly on my genital area and use a low pH skin friendly cleansing bar (Hope’s Relief) for the surrounding area - even diluted normal soap causes me genital irritation. I also avoid biological detergents for washing underwear and set the washing machine to extra rinse.

It’s good you have a urogynae referral and I hope you don’t have to wait too long.

As you’re concerned about VIN you may be interested to visit the Eve Appeal website. Eve Appeal cover all 5 gynae cancers and have a nurse led helpline if you’d like to tak to someone:



Hi, sorry I didn’t get any notification of your reply! No I don’t use anything down there - I only clean myself with warm water, and I’ll clean the surrounding area with a non scented aqueous cream in place of soap if needed. And I only use non bio detergents. I hope my referral comes through soon as I have a lot of other things going on as well. Thank you, I will have a look on there now :blush:x