Fragmin Injections

Hi All

So it will be two weeks tomorrow since my radical hysterectomy. I have been on daily fragmin injections since. Now needles don't normally bother me but now I am really starting to dread injection time. I alternate my arms daily but even so they are covered in bruises, the skin has got quite tough and basically it bloody hurts now! I have another 2 weeks worth of injections to go!

I am still wearing the very attractive stockings and I am up and about it worth giving the CNS a call to see if i can stop them or will they insist I do the full lot? Of course, I understand how important they are but I am pretty active now (within reason) and I am not lay on the couch all day - my 9 and 5 year old see to that!

Thanks x


Hi Kelly. Can you maybe switch where you are doing them? I did mine in the stomach. Skin got tough after a while too but it might help to switch places... Just a thought. hope it gets easier x

Hi Nellie

I got told i couldnt do it there, nor in the tops of the legs due to the type of surgery I'd had. I was told this on discharge. I am going to ring and check. Thanks xxx

Hi Kelly!

Today will be my last day of injections-yay!! They told me I could do them in the thighs, which I did for the first 2 weeks and then was covered in bruises so was told to do them in the buttocks.. I said from the beginning that I didn't like having them in the stomach, so they said it was ok to have them somewhere else..

xx Anna

Anna I'm so jealous!!! x

I know Kelly, but what needs to be done needs to be done, right:)? You'll be there before you know it! 

xx Anna