Four days post trachelectomy :)

Hi again.... 

I had my radical trachelectomy and laparoscopic lymph node removal at Christies on Monday. Was discharged home yesterday afternoon with a catheter, sexy ted stockings and lots of drugs! 

Feeling pretty beat up in all honesty and my pubic area is super swollen but each day post op has left me feeling a little glad to be back in my own bed! 

My catheter is feeling pretty odd at the mo...I think it might be leaking slightly...not sure the balloon is fully inflated but I'll ask the district nurse when she comes to give me my Fragmin injection. Had a proper giggle with my sister yesterday after I told her to watch me pee and she could see the bag filling up!!! Laughing was definitely needed but my aching body didn't appreciate it!!!

Anyway I just wanted to let any of you fellow trachelectomy ladies know that I'm on the other side and it's not too bad :) 


Sarah xx

Glad you're feeling okay after the op.  Like you, i expected it to be horrific and it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected.  It does get better evertday and the swelling goes down each day too. I felt a bit odd with my catheter and just after it was removed and turned out I had an infection.  If in doubt it's best to check. If you have any questions just ask. 



Hi Nellie,

Thanks for your reply :) 

I'm going to buy some cranberry tablets to see if I can reduce the risk of an infection and I'm drinking lots of water too. The nurse said I shouldn't be able to feel it when I pee but I really I'm suddenly bursting and then it releases into the bag if I let it. I thought this might be a good sign that my bladder is working but maybe not...who knows!!

its being removed Monday morning anyway so I guess I'll find out then!