Found the Entrance to womb 'closed over' during attempted HSG


I had a radical trachelectomy last August and I had my first fertiity appointment back in August 17 and I was told I'd need a Routine hysterosalpingogram. 

I went for the X-ray, and a few minutes in she called another doctor and I was told I couldn't have it done. 

I've received a letter from the fertility consultant which explained, the entrance to my womb and where my cervix was had 'closed over' Has anyone experienced this?

I do have periods but they are very slow and almost black. 

I have to have a laparoscopy and cervix dilation. Has anyone else had this done? They don't seem to tell you very much and I feel so left in the dark. 

Id love advice from anyone please! 

Thank you and good luck xx

Hi bxymae 

I had to have a dilation under general anaesthetic prior to my IVF. Like you, ibahd periods but they struggled to  access to my womb because of the scar tissue and tiny hole. 

It took less than 15 minutes and I wasn't in any pain after.  from what I've read it's not uncommon for us trach patients needing this procedure. 

Good luck xxx 

I also had this done as i wasnt having periods at all- just severe abdo pain at that time of the month and occasional vomiting. I had my dilation done under general with laparoscopy and felt fine after a couple of days and have had no problems since (its been 18 months). During the laparoscopy they will inflate the abdomen with gas and so wind type pain afterwards is commom- movinf around and drinking peppermint tea can help! x