Found out this morning

Hello everyone,


So I got the bad news this morning,  I do have cervical cancer. Typing it seems odd, saying it is odd.


I'm slowly telling my family and support group of friends and everyone is shocked. Not sure what the next day(s) will bring in terms of emotion but I'm shaky, teary, fine , all sorts.


I've no idea whether distracting myself and going to work tomorrow will help!? Seeing people's faces to tell them is going to be hard.


I have my MRI on 11 Feb and MDT meeting/clinic on 18 Feb so will get my staging then, they were hopeful it hasn't spread upwards as I had a transvaginal ultrasound recently which was fingers crossed it is contained.


I'm in Sheffield so in a very good place wih excellent hospitals for this type of cancer.


Thought going out to all of you facing this, I will need to lend some strength over the next weeks.



Hi Jo,

so sorry you have had this awful news.  I was diagnosed in mid october and it was a complete shock and I understand where you are right now.  It was hard telling friends and family but luckily I had my MRI the afternoon I was told and things moved quickly but I didnt go back to work.  My employer has been completely supportive.  You have to do what feels best for you and you will be in shock right now no doubt and have to give yourself time for this to sink in...Did they tell you what type of cancer i.e. adeno/ squamous...I was staged at 2b following MRI as had some spread. Have completed 5 weeks chemo/radio then 3 brachytherapy sessions (internal radio).  It will all seem really scary right now but you will be so focussed on whatever treatment plan/surgery they give you and getting through that the weeks will fly by and you will amaze yourself at how much strength and fight you have inside you.  I'm in Hull so not far away from you and was lucky to be treated at Castle Hill Queens Centre which is relatively new.  All the staff right up to consultant level have been amazing and so kind and I've had a good experience so hopefully this will be the same for you.

Just want to end by saying we are all here to support you and we 100% understand the emotions you will go through.  Dont go through this alone and ask as many questions as you want but only when you are will come through this!!




Thanks Andrea,

I'm not sure if it's adernocarcicoma (sp?!) or adenosquamous just yet, think they said it had cells from both in but it could be that the adeno stuff moved downward.


It's all very weird, don't know what to do with myself really. Guess next thing is wait for staging and hope for the best. 



Hi Jo,

Just wanted to say sorry for your recent diagnosis - I had been watching your posts as we both started posting at similar times - the waiting is never easy but now you have a diagnosis things do seem to happen very quickly, take care of yourself.

NNS xxx

Thanks NNS,


its a lot to take in and feels very odd still.  Currently flipping between positive that it's caught now and terrified I have a stage 4 inside me and I should be rushing round doing all the things I need to before it's too late.


taking pleasure in the simple things, people, laughter, food and lots of cups of tea. 


All the very best for your operation, I hope they can remove it all and you can move on ASAP, hoping the same for me too xxx

Hey Jo,


Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with cc. I was diagnosed with stage 2b back in February last year less than 10 hours after giving birth to my second child. Like Andrea I went through chemo,radio & brackatherapy. It's a tough hard road from being diagnosed,being told staging,starting treatment & getting all clear but you will get there.i can imagine & understand every emotion you are going through.


Chin up & remember to keep positive...



Thanks Sloany, 

I really don't know what to do with myself. If I go to work I feel like I'm just hiding from it but at home I get so emotional. It still doesn't feel real and as I'm awaiting staging I just keep thinking they'll have made a mistake. Getting angry too that everyone else is just going through life normally and planning and enjoying stuff but I feel so stuck.




Yup, i understand how you are feeling. I remember after i got diagnosed i was on Facebook and started to get angry as everyone was talking about their plans for weekend how great things were and i was lying in bed worrying sick about the Cancer... I also remember during treatment worrying so much that the treatment was not going to work.... now i worry that it's going to return!! it never ends...

You will get there.... it's a long road but you will see the light at the end. I got diagnosed on 23rd February last year so it's the build up to the first year anniversary for me plus it's also my daughters first birthday on Thursday so very emoitional few days for me coming up... but i will get there as you will too...


Keep me posted on developments and hope you are ok..


I had good news!! The MRI was clear and I got a cancellation for cone biopsy tomorrow morning. They are hoping to remove it all then, but as I have adrenosquamous cc if the cancer remains high up in the cervix I will get a hysterectomy. So little operation tomorrow then a 2 week wait.

This is the best outcome I could have hoped for right now. 

Sloany I hope you have a wonderful time for your daughter's birthday and its not too badly emotional. being diagnosed so soon after her birth must have been so tough for you.


just to say I am really pleased the news was as good as possible and also that you can be seen so quickly!

all fingers crossed they get rid of the buggers!



Great news. Good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you. 

Annabel. x