Found out last week and still coming to terms with it

I’m 42 and was diagnosed with CC only last week. I’m still at the very shocked stage and it’s dominating my every thought at the moment. I’m finding the emotional support at home quite challenging as my partner is trying to cope by making everything as normal or as ordinary as possible but it’s not what I’m needing. I’ve tried explaining but I think he’s out of his depth at the moment (as am I). Been offered a hysterectomy which I will have, as well as regular check-ups. It’s so strange how your world, your reality can change in such a short space of time. Think the emotional side of things is taking longer to catch up with what’s happened.

Hi DebbieA and welcome

Sorry you have found yourself in the club no one wants to belong to, but you’ve come to best place for support.

What you have written is pretty much exactly how I would hav phrased it, back in February 2017, when I was at the stage you are now. I don’t think anyone can imagine what a cc diagnosis feels like until they’ve experienced it.

There’s lots of us here to help you along the way, whenever you need.


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Thank you for that! It really does help knowing that other people feel the same as you and understand how difficult it is. For me, I think it was that I’d accepted that they found CIN 3 cells but then that got upgraded to stage 1A after my Lletz procedure. I just didn’t expect it at all. I do feel that I’m in safe hands now though and the people on here seem so supportive x