found a lump/mass....TMI WARNING

Ok so I have severe dyskaryosis and my colposcopy is tomorrow (12/06/13) I have been having terrivle bleeding which has got worse for a few years. Had my first smear 13th may this year. Constant discharge, abdo pain continuously, bleeding after sex and examinations and spotting. I have had to wear a sanitary towel every day for a few years. Other tests other than smear all clear. 

So I was in the bath sunday and felt a somewhat grainy mass inside my vagina.  Inside at the front of the vaginal wall.  Doesn't hurt. And is about an inch long and half inch wide.

 Have never ever had this before. Clearly it's worrying me. Could this be due to dyskaryosis? 


HELP. I don't really want to see my gp as they all make me feel I'm wasting their time.


Sammie xxx

Hey Sammie,

If you mention it to the colposcopist tomorrow they’ll be able to check it out for you I’m sure.

My colposcopy consultant asked me a lot of questions before the actual exam so you’ll probably have a bit of time to go through your history and symptoms. Maybe write them down so you don’t forget?

I’m afraid I’m no expert on how it should feel, but one thing most of us do is start to link all kinds of symptoms/feelings to each other when we’re anxious and start to fear all sorts!

I hope it goes well for you tomorrow, if you’ve got any more questions or concerns ask away :slight_smile:


Thankyou. I will do that. I just panicked like hell as have never examined my self. Sounds discusting. So scared about tomorrow.  Xx


If you’ve never examined yourself it would be hard to know if that’s new for you, so try not to worry about it (easier said than done!) and mention it tomorrow for reassurance. They’ll be more than happy to check things out and answer your questions.

Personally I found the position much more comfortable than a normal smear. You can even watch what’s happening on a screen which I found really useful. The nurse talked to me all the way through and even held my hand at one point when I was a bit scared.

The top advice I borrowed from the forum was to take a couple of painkillers before the appointment and to place your hand on your belly to focus on relaxing it. If you do get a bit panicked then doing this keeps your core muscles relaxed and you can take some deep, slow and controlled breaths to feel better. I kept reminding myself to do that when I tensed up and it helped loads!

Try to do something nice for yourself tonight. After my biopsies at colposcopy I couldn’t bathe for 4 weeks, so if you like baths have one this evening as you may not be able to for a few weeks after.

Best of luck my dear xx

Ohhhh my gosh!!! Nicr hot relaxing bath tonight then. Thank you so much for all your advice you've been great. Do you think it would be a good idea to stay with mum after colposcopy as I am a single mother of a 2 year old  and live the opsite end of town to anyone I know well enough. Xxxx

Hey there,

I had period like pains after mine so had the rest of the day off work and sat on the sofa with a hot water bottle. My boyfriend was here with me, but it would be doable on your own no probs, it’s just like period pains really if they take biopsies.

Is anyone going with you? Xx

Hey. Oh that's good . I have work thursdays, im a medical secretary so im sat down a lot. Yeah my grandmother is taking my daughter out for the day and my best ffriendis coming with me xxxx

Sammie how did you get on? xxxx

hi worried.

It was the worst experience of my life. the doctor didnt explain anything and nor did he let me ask questions. it was the most painful thing ive ever experienced. after the pain got worse and worse and felt like i was having full blown contractions. i rang the colposcopy clinic and spoke to another doctor and explained i was in a lot of pain and they got me in to see my gp straight away. my gp then phoned the gynae in local hosp and he said he didnt think it was down to lletz but my pre existing undiagnosed symptoms. i was given codeine and sent on my way. im still in a lot of pain now but not as much as i was then. just seems that no doctor wants to listen to me or give me a proper reason as to why i have had all these on going symptoms for so long. all i want is to be out of pain and have an answer. if my biopsy comes back saying just cin3 then im back at square one. with no idea as to what is truely wrong with me and there is no way i am going back to my gp practice as noone is listening to me. im just getting so fed up with it all now. sorry to blabber on