found a lump 4 days after llets


i just needed some advise really on what to do,

i had my colposopy and llets, biopsys for high grade cells, last thursday and yesterday i have i was rubbing my belly and found a painfull lump the size of a pea on the rightside right next to my pelvic bone, 

 is this normal?is this just my cervix healing ? or would you recomend getting it checked out at the doctor

sorry to be a pest< just a worried and needed reasurrance,


melissa xxx

Hi hon,

not heard of that one before. Prob nothing, but I'd definitely ask the doc.


Molly xxx

hi molly,

thankyou for the advise i think i might wait a week to see weather it disapears as my cervix are getting better, if not ring docs for some advise

the waiting prossess is unbelievable mentally just want to have the all clear so i can get on with it, 

with your history you have been through a hell of a lot, but glad you are on the mend thye next chapter of your life :-) if i dont speak to you before have an amazing christmas and new year 

big hugs 

melissa xxxx