Forum members’ experience of AHCC

Would you share your experiences of AHCC? It would be useful to see people’s experiences in one place:

  • US or UK/European product?
  • What brand (if the forum allows that info)?
  • What was your daily dose in grams?
  • How long did you take it for?
  • What HPV results have you had, how long after you’d been on AHCC and how long after stopping AHCC?

I explain why these particular questions below.

I wanted to find out what I could do to boost my immune system other than eating healthily, exercising, not smoking, sleeping better and reducing stress. I saw forum posts mentioning AHCC and have been doing some research.

AHCC is manufactured by a Japanese company Amino Up, Ltd. It’s sold in the US with website listing “verified authentic AHCC® products”. I wasn’t able to find any of these products on sale in the UK.

Time Health sells ‘AHCC’ in the UK. When I asked them if their products were verified authentic they replied “The brand AHCC® is actually banned from sale in the EU and UK due to it being made from the mycelium part of Shitake mushrooms. Mycelium cannot be sold in the UK or EU due to safety concerns. We have our Active Hexose product made especially for us using a mix of wild grown fruiting body mushrooms which is allowed to be sold in the UK and EU.” Their product isn’t made from the root of the mushroom (the mycelium) like the American/Japanese product but from the fruiting body of the fungus. So where there has been research (on American AHCC provided by Amino Up), those research findings may not apply to products sold in the UK and Europe.

Note that the EU doesn’t actually seem to have safety concerns about AHCC specifically, they just have rules about the supply of “novel foods” which includes AHCC. “For a food not to be considered novel, it must have been used for human consumption to a significant degree within the [European] Union before 15 May 1997” according to this LinkedIn page:

A Reddit thread gives some info on how AHCC is cultured (I assume in USA):
This post says AHCC is “smart marketing” with a lot of the research having been funded by Amino Up.

One research study seems to show 3g of AHCC daily for 6 months was effective at helping the body to suppress HPV. But it was a small study. 14 of the 22 subjects (63.6%) on AHCC tested negative for HPCC after 6 months but after another 6 months of no HPCC, 2 of those 14 had tested positive again so overall 54.5% were negative after 12 months (the first 6 months of which they had taken 3g of AHCC daily): It noted one conflict of interest (one researcher having received funding from Amino Up.

Hope you can share your experience of AHCC with forum members.

I took AHCC for 2 years spent a fortune still HPV positive :woman_facepalming:t4: , can’t remember name of the 3 different brands I used I will look it up. I took about 3 g daily,
I am going to try and take it again it didn’t do me any bad only in my pocket :laughing: but I have to say I have not had a cold in a very very long time so maybe it does help a bit. I also used papilocare, also will try that again.

Hi, I’ve been taking AHCC Kinoko Platinum capsules to help with clearing HPV.
The last test I had this time last year was HPV positive with mild cell changes. I had a colposcopy and was given the okay. I am now due my follow up 12 month screening, which is booked in. I will update with results.

When I got my results last year I opted to buy the AHCC from the iHerb website, it’s around £70 a bottle of 60 capsules. I decided to take two capsules a day in the morning before breakfast, this is only 1.5g a day, some recommend 3g, but I opted for 1.5g. This allowed the bottle to last for one month. I took the capsules for 6 months and felt great. I then stopped them because I caught a very bad stomach bug when in Croatia, and as I was at the end of a bottle anyway I decided it might be time to stop them. All I can say is, I wish I hadn’t. I don’t know whether I am still HPV positive or not, but since I stopped them I’ve had a chest infection, UTI, stomach aches etc. I’ve decided to buy them again, and only just started back on them as I’m tired of not feeling great.

Side note, I also stopped taking my contraceptive pill, as I read some research that the contraceptive pill creates a much more welcoming place in your cervix for HPV to grow, whether this is down to messing with our hormones or that the pill thickens the mucus lining…I’m not sure. But I read it and I stopped taking it (had been on the pill for 20yrs). Anyone also thinking of coming off the pill after a long time - go for it! I was so scared to come off it but ended up feeling amazing - more energy, less anxious, increased libido (which was at zero), and just felt so much better.

I also tried taking folic acid supplements but unfortunately these gave me heartburn :confused:

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Hi! I was on AHCC (Kinoko Platinum from iherb website) - 4 capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach at least 30 min before food. I also tried a bunch of other supplements at the same time (papilocare, turkey tail, reishi, folate, zinc, vit d3, indole-3-carbinole) and have FINALLY cleared my hpv within 6 months of taking these, after a long 6 years of testing positive. So can’t pinpoint what supplement exactly helped, but do give AHCC a go, a few friends of mine also cleared theirs after AHCC.

Thanks LCA and great news that you’ve cleared long-standing HPV, so pleased for you.
We all probably do a variety of things and rattle with all the supplements we take and who knows what specifically makes the difference. But it’s good to hear people’s experiences and what they were taking when they cleared the HPV. I’m not taking AHCC, papilocare or turkey tail at the moment (I’m on probiotics, reishi and other immune boosters) but if I test HPV positive next time I may switch to them for 6 months then test again. With the Superdrug HPV test it’s easier to test every 6 months rather than having to wait 12 months or more for an NHS smear test.

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