Forever at the doctors


This isn’t really applicable to this forum I don’t think but since getting diagnosed and having my operation I seem to be forever at the doctors with one thing and another the only time I ever went to the doctors prior to all this was just for my reguliar smear test. In February I started having lock jaw at first it wasn’t an issue but now it has come to the point where I had to see the GP as I am struggling  to open my mouth to eat it was also causing me to have mouth ulcers due to the swelling. I have been referred to the hospital to get in checked out. Then in the back end of April I started to come out with unexplained bruises I had some blood test done but they came back clear  the have bruises continued to appear so I ‘ve taken photos of them and been back to the doctors again!! I’m having my bloods taken again this afternoon it’s really bizarre that all this happening now after treatment. I beginning to think I should have my own personal chair at the doctors Laughing. Does anyone else feel like this.xx

Hi, I know how you feel! Ever since my treatment finished it's been one thing or another! I have a torn rotator cuff muscle in my shoulder and the other one is starting to go. I've had shingles on my face 3 times this year but thankfully the scars are fading although face pain has lingered. My blood tests have come back clear but I feel like if I was a car I would fail the MOT! I hope you feel better soon and we can both put all these doctor appointments in the past xx

I hear you! I got a cold (again) in May...then that clears up and I buggered my knee (I turned sharply and it kind of popped) and I'm anaemic again...


it's a good job I only live about three doors from the GP!



i Know how you feel, I’d certainly fail an MOT. 

I wish I lived nearer to the doctors its costing me a fortune in petrol. I’m still keep getting random bruises but my blood test have come back clear so it looks like another trip to the doctors. 

Hope your Knee gets better soo.xx

Cheers lovely x