For those with mismatching/discordant results

So after 2 smears that showed high grade abnormal cells, but 2 colposcopies where they could not find anything, I got my results from my LLETZ/LOOP today. They found no cancerous cells but did find pre-cancerous changes (did not say what level but it does say “that we knew about from your smear” - so maybe that means CIN3/high grade? - will call and ask tomorrow). Also that the precancerous changes were completely removed by the LLETZ procedure. I get a follow up in 6 months. So pleased that it has been removed, and hopefully that helps anyone going down the mismatching/discordant results pathway.

In this situation myself and waiting on cone result currently - I'd be interested to hear what they say when you ring up?  

So glad you are clear now and sending you positive vibes for a clear smear in six months!



That's great news Gabrielle, and thank you for the update. I've been thinking of you since you responded to my other thread. 

I'm awaiting the outcome of yesterday's mismatch meeting about my 2 abnormal smears (3rd meeting so far to feature my cervix so I'm starting to feel like it's famous or something) and I'm desperately hoping that they've decided to go for a lletz or cone to find something out for sure, so I'm really happy to hear your positive news xx

Read my newest post! I had mismatched results too, but just going to do one year wait and see. 

Thanks for the good wishes everyone. 

Jane -  I did not have time to call today, will update here when I do.

marple213 - Hope they get back to you soon with their decision. If its really making you feel stressed and you would rather have the LLETZ, can you elect to have it even if they don't offer it?

Good afternoon ladies - thank you for the update.

Got my results in the post also today. The tissue removed from the neck of my womb was consistent with the results of my smear test apparently and I'm up for test of cure in 6 months.

Now I honestly thought my smear test was incorrect and I know they properly reviewed my loop biopsys (which were completely clear) so it does go ti show there can be things lurking higher up).

Marple feel welcome to use me as a case in point to push for further investigation - I didn't just have pinch biopsys at Colposcopy they were taken by loop under LA and they were clear.

On a lighthearted note you've got a famous cervix - but I always feel a little bit sorry for mine as everyone that ever looks never likes the look of it in the last 2 years! One consultant described it as large and bulbous - cheers mate!!!!

So Gabrielle - our six months will be about the same time - fingers (and legs!) crossed that all is OK for us and hope all goes well for you too Traveller.

Tons of hugs ladies 



Thats good news Jane, i'm so glad they've found and removed the problem area and I'll keep my fingers crossed for all you ladies for your follow ups!

I'm STILL waiting to find out what they decided to do at their meeting last Mon - just spoke to the receptionist for about the 50th time and my letter still hasn't been written. The waiting around to hear is driving me mad, when she told me the letter hasn't been done yet i nearly cried which is not like me at all. I wouldn't mind so much if it didn't take two weeks for the bloody letters to arrive once they're done.

Off to see my gp on fri to see if she can provide any advice (and maybe some valium at this rate!) It seems like a no brainer to me that if there's abnormal cells showing and my cervix looks fine then they must be coming from somewhere further up, so i'm not going to be able to relax until they've got right up there and had a proper look!

Apologies for the rant! This whole process is driving me nuts xx

Finally got my actual histology results from LLETZ. CIN3 in the part that they removed from the surface of the cervix, and normal glandular cells in the part they removed up the cervical canal (called a 'top hat' on the histology report). No mention of area of CIN3 in the tissue they removed, but it did have the dimensions of that bit of tissue they removed (about 2 by 2 by 1.5 cm) - I thought it looked rather large when I snuck a look at it. 


So just like you Jane, had things lurking further up than colposcopy or biopsy could detect.


Hope all you discordant/mismatching ladies are well.